Changes in league system?

Yesterday I was checking out the each player in my league (silver) to see if I could find any good players for my alliance I notice each player in the leagues was between level 80-90 (my king is level 88). Maybe something changed as earlier we used to be match with even level 20-30 kings. I checked again today and found that even today I watched matched with level 80-90 kings only. So this might not be a co-incidence and the league settings are really changed.

I think you are matched by trophies but could be wrong.

Taking your reply into account I checked each player again and found that the trophy range is quite wide (between 2300-3800) but all are the king are in the level 80’s

You’re right Titanka10 when I reached around lvl 40 on my 2nd account and entered the Diamond league for the first time I immediately noticed a lvl 104 player from one of the Top 10 alliances in my group and when the medal count to beat was already 10000+ within the first minutes of starting the league I knew I had absolutely no chance of winning.

But now when I check my league it is comparable to using the Global leader board where players are approx 10 levels above or below your level.

Its random of positioning,to win the league in low lvl talks about luck

actually DROPPING TROPHIES is leading to just 25 and 26 medals EVEN BY UNDEFEATABLE bases. Making it hard to go up for the one who dropped trophies even once(in recent days).


Titanka, i can’t confirm this: in my league e.g. there is a level 33 player. But that doesn’t mean they cannot have changed something :grinning:

I think it’s rather luck tbh. I guess it depends on the exact time when you are joining the league, at the same time when you are joining a league many high level players may do the same and then you are together in the same league, and the opposite way around, you can have luck and join a league with low level players, or if you are in diamond leauge you can be match with 14 players with only 4 stars - this happened to me quite often, so I was really lucky cause I knew there are 99% I will win the league then those 4 start players.


If I happen to be in a tough league with people who score insane number of medals, I always make sure not to join the next league immediately because there’s a huge chance they will join the next league as soon as the last league ended so by waiting 5-15 minutes with joining the next league I try to avoid them.


Trophy range is usually really wide so I’m sure trophies have nothing to do with it. The same with king level tbh, As a  high lvl king  I remember times when I joined leagues with my firends’ second low level accounts.


Anyway, whether it’s based on a king level or not, it doesn’t really matter. The amount of medals you can get is really often based on your trophies, especially when you have a medal bonus. So if you are a 60 lvl player in a league with a 100 level player it doesn’t matter that much as long as you are at the similar trophy range and get the same number of medals average. Of course I higher level king can produce more food or be strong enough to beat  higher medal bases than you but at the end I think the difference is not that big.

Out of curiosity I just checked players in my league and there are 50 lvl players when I’m level 104. So the difference is big, the same with trophies, I have 5400, they have 1200.

something wrong since few weeks. I win all the league without problem. When I check their level lol so funny I am always with level 24,30,40,50,etc… they have no chance to win against me.

right now I fight in Platinum league and again I am with level 20,30,40 or 50 with 2000 trophies or less. i have right now 9400 medals and still 9 hours

fair for me :slight_smile:

the matchmaking is broken or bad balanced