Changes Needed

As the title says, this is a list of changes I want to see in the game :

-Monk in offense to ignore across path spikes and in general focus more on healing instead of killing cuz thats his job!!

-Cannon in offense to stop targetting units except mortar/cannon/viking…seriously cannon targetting skeletons guys ? Thats a lost battle for sure…

-3rd perk slot on boots/belt/ring that focus on scream, morale, leadership and other perks that is not spell/unit perk…

-Ability to bring TWO DIFFERENT PALS into a war raid ONLY

-Set max forging cost at 500 pearls per spin! 

-Removal of CoF skulls in war raid just like CoF coins in ninja (the skulls added directly according to rank of base raided)

Overall the game in both offense and defense offers a lot of variation now which is very good but defense is too strong in war…I understand some player want to raid in XP and gold gear in normal raid but I think its possible to win with weaken gear if you scroll and that is imo fair…so that makes normal raid pretty balance overall as long as you choose the right combo and gears to go with…

I’m very annoyed by the stupid amount of gold needed to run all the boost and to level up an alliance but I guess that is FG’s main source of big income…

End of post

One more thing, when we donate PL ticket, can we get something back in return ? Preferably crystals…3k crystals for 1 ticket is fair imo since it cost 750 gems…otherwise I see no reason to donate my tickets even to help a clan member since I gain nothing!

And keep donating the same ticket back and forth between you and that player for an infinite source of crystals…

I hope they first can solve the crashing problem.

now wars are won by the team whose members had the least crashes.

when the game crashes 3 times in 5 fights you know you can’t have much

You can donate a ticket to another and than that person leave the ally ?

Yes that is a possibile exploit but easily solved imo if they just make that the same two person can only be involve in ticket exchange once in a month…

See that is a well known issue and usually get fix pretty quickly, so its not a concern…my concern is how to make game better overall because lets be real, we pay for a game and we want a good game…by pay, I mean money as well as time and energy! And that comes from every single player…


I do believe a donated ticket may not be donated again

i agree with all that, but beside we need that flare fix the bugs, now every week we face new bugs, its like a weekely bug event now, this week troops permanent slow motion, so for me first they must fix the bugs.

I can only agree with the topic. Especially this needs to be removed, skulls inside CoF. It’s ridiculous that a so called luck factor is determining whether or not you get those skulls. When being very unfortunate you need to 30-45 gems to get just those extra skulls, while fortunate ones find them without paying.

This is also a reason why a lot of players don’t help their team during war season, they are scared to lose gems. Some indeed can resist continuing to open the chests to get the skulls, but in top wars every skull is important. Remove these skulls, with the need of scrolls due to pro boosts you should already get plenty of extra gems.  

There are enough sources where players can spend their gems. Alliance tower, blacksmith, pro tickets and inventory slots are just a few of them. 

Dont forget boost, war cost (champ/shield) and ally level upgrade, biggest money sucking aspect of the game

That is correct. So we have plenty of alternatives to spend our gems. We would appreciate it when flare would remove the skulls from CoF during war season.

Now then, flare, don’t ignore this topic like usual, do something.

Can we at least have an answer on the question why skulls in first chest during war season are not removed, similar like ninja season? Without any luck gear there should be 75% chance that first chest is correct. This season I experience that many failures on first chest that it’s not even coming close to 75%, this season it feels like 2 out of 3 incorrect.

Why is it a problem rewarding the player directly and give them those extra skulls without a bad feeling after another failure? Those gems we need to spend now for continue to open cof, we will spend anyway on other stuff.

Either remove the skulls in first chest or increase the odds to win gems after paying gems to continue. At least it would be fair for players that help their team. Here once again a wakeup call. 

Games should be fun, but there is no fun in forcing players to spend gems since otherwise they don’t get those extra skulls inside the chests. This is one of the reasons that some  players don’t want to help their team. 

We remove perks from items, buy more pro tickets, skip cool down, upgrade AT, unlock blacksmith slot, remove ruins, you name it. so we will spend those gems anyway.

Its easy to answer to you  and you know this answer.

one word- money

Yes, I know the easy answer Cromka. May I ask why you changed your ign on the forum?

cr1 stands for Crappy One :lol:

3k for, as you said “imo since it cost 750 gems” ?!?!?
Where did you learn math :grinning:
… and dont you want to borrow money on the same rule ? :stuck_out_tongue:

I have the reason. Its not the  game reason)

But it is considered polite to make clear to people who they are talking to. This is why most of us have chosen the Name corresponding to their IGN. Like you did for years. So, your „reason“ sounds strange.