Changes Ninja Event

Hi Flare, what exactly has changed? So far the cooldown remains the same, when will the “lower cooldown” take effect?

An other change I did notice, is that the uberchest for the last three levels has been removed and only the last level remains. I’m guessing this was intentionally and the three uber chests were only because it was the first time?

Can’t you guys better use your time in fixing every bug in this game in stead of removing rewards for players?

We will get those ubers on ealier islands, not only last 3

but you know what is still the same ? The bases ! I was expecting some changes, designs/waves but so far looks like everything is the same.

You get 1 minute off the last island. You lucky bastard !

See the map before you write. Its just pass 3 island.

I had to gem the last Island cooldown at the last ninja event. Not fully (60) but 30 gems.
So this means about 1 gem saved compared to last time. Thanks Flare :slight_smile:

One interesting change I have noticed is that even if you missed a tower or two near the gate on ship bases you still get 3 crowns. Didn’t find ninja coins in the CoF though. It was all gold. Am I missing something? The previous time I was able to clear all bases with perfect 100%. So I do not know what happens if you missed a tower near the gate on ship bases or island bases.

I’m pretty sure I have 2 crowns for missing one tower on the ship, lucky you though

I’ve seen the map before I wrote this, not sure what your point it but you get those uber chests but not on 3 last islands like before.

The second one is in like the tenth to last. Where is the third located?

10th from start ( a ship)

Cool, didn’t expect there to be one that early :slight_smile: Thanks mag!

Max cooldown is 1h 40m now, bases are much harder too.Seen more people fail, already about 12/42 player out in my tier.I died a lot ? but its fun

Does anyone in the 4k trophy range know if bases get tougher.  I have been attacking with gold gear.  Maybe i need to be careful then.   About 10 done 

One other thing changed is that they increased the duration for the battle as 3 mins.

I like it for the fact that bases are stronger and I was almost fooled on the first ship base where Firebolts and Cannons were max level. This is the most welcome change.  :slight_smile:

The difficulty changed ? really ? in what tier are you guys ? I’m just on base 8 and didn’t notice any changes so far but good to know before entering firther islands :slight_smile:

Top tier, 5900+ 

I did however raid with uproven combo and rush a lot from island 7 to 21.Did much much better in last 9 islands, barely use insta and only need time warp.Island 21 was hell though, 4 dragon spawn at same time in wave ?

Most player been saying its harder, also a lot of fails.16/42 so far, mostly missed tower.Overall I love it!

I’m in the 4500-4999 tier. In the previous event I played in the 4000-4499 tier. Although a higher tier now, seems like the bases are stronger than earlier. I wouldn’t be surprised if I die on Dreadnought.

So maybe that’s the thing, higher tier ? Fii, last time you were in 4500-900 tier so of course now bases are harder to you if you are in the top, lols. Idk, to me it looks all the same (I’ve been taking ss of all bases last time) and now comparing them everything looks exactly the same, same boosts, same designs etc. Not sure, maybe I will wait for furthers islands, usually first are easy no matter what. Personally I missed a tower on base 5 (before had a perfect score), however I wouldn’t blame it on tougher towers, just my fault with wrong timing.