Changes to COF When Treasure Chamber is Full

For the first time in a while I enjoyed a full treasure chamber and was looking forward to some decent rewards in COF. That was not to be.

Previously a full treasure chamber meant gems, pearls, vouchers and bread. Now EVERY single time it is items.

I spent gems to open every chest in COF expecting a reasonable gem return. I did this 20+ times. Every time it was items all three chests and not amazing items, no, these were worth 3-5 pearls in blacksmith.

COF is supposed to have an amazing reward on chest three which is why we pay gems to get it. A crappy item is a complete rip off. Once I could understand but EVERY SINGLE TIME???

Anyone else experience this?

To clarify, none of the items were legendary. All had low melt values in blacksmith and once i had spent gold to melt them the remainder had gold value between $20k - $30k.

U don’t get anything better in cof nowadays,mostly pearls are given,but forging cost a lot more nowadays.conclusion pearls go back to flare,gems?u want u more free for u.legendary item?all is below ur lvl=crap.this is what flare thinks nowadays

I got legendary gear usually at first or second chest XD

I never got any good items in the in the 2nd and 3rd chest, but once or twice I got epic and legendary items in the frst chest itself.

Chamber of fortune has almost no gems in it now post 2.0. It doesn’t matter if you have full chamber or not the most common items you get out of it are hero gear

when my treasure chamber is not full I get loads of pearls gems tickets and gold on the third chest. This only happens when my treasure chamber is full. Why punish players who are successful???

Funny thing. I recently noticed something as well. Remember when Flare recently said they introduced bigger pearl rewards in COF and it turned out you see a lot of pearls when you don’t get a 3rd chest, if you get it you it’s like 12 pearls, a lot of players complained and I think they adjusted it and for a long time I’ve have been personally getting a lot of pearls from a 3rd chest which is great, almost never saw any small amount of pearls in 3rd chest. And guess what, yesterday I happened to max my chamber, did a couple of raids, got 2 times 3rd chest and twice there were only 12 pearls ! It was quite funnny since for a long time now I haven’t seen such small pearl reward in 3rd chest.

And yeah, you almost don’t see gems in COF nowadays, if you see them they are only in a 3rd chest and 99% of the time you don’t get it :slight_smile:

I’m personally getting a lot of items and most of the time crappy items ! Don’t remember last time I managed to see and get a better gear than I’m currently using. I’ve been having better luck in terms of gears in daily/video/war chests.


Anyway, I don’t want to complain too much, nowadays we have a lot of ways to get some free stuff compared with the past, even if it’s a crappy item I can sell it or get pearls for it, not a bad deal, even if it’s bread there are moments I’m happy to get it.

I’m playing since october 2015 and i have NEVER gotten gems from CoF (and i’m not only playing one account). You speak about ancient times, do you? :lol:

OK, that one is easy: we already saw it with pearls, that Flare implemented a behavior, so that you only got high pearl amounts in CoF when spending gems. They obviously have implemented a much higher restriction with gems: you get NOTHING, if you don’t spend gems, not even a small amount  :grinning:

Can’t say how it’s now but in the past I used to get gems in the 3rd without spending gems, but it was long ago so yeah, not surprised if they changed it that way.

There is some whacky stuff going on possibly as in my new lower level account on the lets play series I almost ALWAYS get all 3 chests. I mean not like just once or twice but about 75% of the time we get all 3 chest without spending anything. So in point they apparently can change % of chests depending on outside factors, and other things in CoF

this is true. When I first started it was easy to get three chests and gems were plentiful. They do this to get you hooked like gambling.

I still do find gems occasionally on third chest but mostly now it is pearls tickets or gold.


the irritating thing is that I dont get big rewards on chest three when treasure chamber is full.

I’m pretty sure there are outside factors. Do you remember one year ago before Christmas time when they introduced higher gems in 3rd chest, like 70-100 ? In the first day of the update everyoen was getting 3rd chest constantly, people got plenty of gems, got excited, soon it was gone, now it’s just a story we can tell the kids :slight_smile: