Changes to the Donation Bonus in 4.0

Greetings Mortals,

Version 4.0 is approaching, and one of the changes we will be making is based around the idea of rewarding players who are loyal to Alliances, and Alliances which have a lot of loyal players.

Further changes will come in later versions, but for now I want to inform you, ahead of time, about one of the upcoming changes in Version 4.0.

When Version 4.0 hits, players will have an individual Donation Bonus. It will no longer depend on the amount of Torches owned by the Alliance. The longer the player has been in an Alliance, the higher their Donation Bonus. 

For each day that you have been in an Alliance, your Donation Bonus will increase. If you switch to a new Alliance, that bonus will be reset to 0%.

We will also be increasing the maximum cap of the Donation Bonus so that Alliances with many loyal members will be able to gather more Alliance Gold than even the top Alliances can at the moment.

With this in mind, it is a good idea for players to stay in their current Alliances , even before version 4.0 comes out. We will be using the current join dates, so that players will not all start with 0%. Switching Alliance now will mean that you will start with a lower bonus.

Now, back to War.

-Captain Morgan