Changes to the Matchmaking System and their effects

Hi everyone,

There have been several complaints over the last week about how the changes made last Friday have resulted in massive trophy loss for people at the top of the leaderboard. I’d like to run you through the changes we’ve made, why we made them, and what effects this had for you in-game, as well as what we have done about it.

On Friday we made changes to the difficulty of the largest, most valuable islands in each island area. In order to increase the difficulty, we increased the level of users who are matched onto these islands. The main reason for doing this was to make the earlier stages of the game more interesting, but we also increased the matchmaking level of the largest islands in the latest island areas by 2 levels. No other changes to matchmaking or the trophy system were made.

The unfortunate offshoot of this was that those of you at the top of the leaderboard were suddenly available to attack by many more players, which led to more players being able to attack you, and (since they were likely lower in the leaderboard) take more trophies from you per battle. Many of you have (rightfully) complained about this, and on Monday we reverted the changes we made to the later island areas, meaning the situation now is as it was before. When looking at the data at our end we can also see that the number of attacks against these players has returned to normal.

The other change we made on Monday, as a result of looking into your Trophy losses, was to reduce the ability of Zeus and Hades to easily beat defenses of players which the attacker should not yet be able to beat. We found that the majority of these trophy losses came from players with a relatively low level using their single Zeus/Hades attack per day to attack players who are normally out of their range. This means that now higher players are matchmade the same as before, but it is now even harder for lower players to beat them and take large amounts of trophies.

As always with such matters, we have continued to research the problems which occurred, to see why such a large effect was seen, and how we can improve the experience for those of you who were affected. As a result of this we’ve also implemented, today, a cap on the number of Trophies you can lose when an opponent attacks you, meaning you will no longer lose more than 25 trophies from a single attack against you. This should mean that such large single trophy losses as you have seen over the weekend should not occur again.

Finally, we have reached the period in the lifespan of the game where a large bulk of players, who have been playing since launch, are reaching the upper Ascension Levels (over level 90). This number has more than doubled since the beginning of October. This means that there will inherently be much more competition at the higher levels and for the top of the leaderboard, as more and more people are able to be competitive with the current top players.

I hope that helps you to understand the reasoning behind the changes we have made, and we are sorry that it caused such problems for so many of you. Hopefully the steps we have taken have helped fix them, but as always we will continue to look into improving the game further.

Thanks for reading.

Thanks for the detailed explanation.

Today update also changed something very important imho: 

  • Doubled the amount of Gems gained when attackers use Invocations

Could we know what the ratio is now? i.e. for any 10-gem invocation spell, how many go to the player I’m attacking? Thanks :grinning:

Hey AwesomeDoud, you will now get 30% (so 3 from the 10).

Thx, Captain, for the post and the changes, sounds reasonable. One additional aspect explaining trophy losses of the top players, based on my experience (trophy ranking around 300, level 86): more and more active but lower level players got Athena. Buffed with an additional spell, she can beat hell out of bases of top players, with the difference that she has no attack limit like Zeus or Hades. Since my Athena has reached level 14, in my case there was no island I could not reconquer, frequently bleeding top players for 20 trophs and more.

PS: If you nerf Athena now, however, I quit

Thanks for the tip, Jewelmania, when we check through the data, it’s really a big difference with Zeus and Hades, and Athena is used around the same as the other Heroes when it comes to high trophy attacks. She should be strong, after all she is a god. :slight_smile:

Athena is safe… for now.

Thankyou Captain for the detailed explaination. :slight_smile:  that made alot of sense actually.

I would like to suggest that Zues and Hades are nerfed in the sense that they become stronger over time depending on your acsension level. They are gods and supposed to be strong but not entirely break the game.

Hey NaVi, glad it helped with understanding. :slight_smile:

This is actually exactly how Zeus and Hades work, they get stronger as you raise your Ascension Level, this is why there’s no need to equip any new items to them.

We’re monitoring the current changes, and will make further changes if necessary.

So you are telling me that they will become even stronger as I go up ? My God. :wink:

They will, as you will face stronger opponents too. But it might get tougher for you for challenges such as the Zeus Killer one! :grinning:

Hi everyone,

To restore order and to remedy the loss of trophies during the matchmaking changes, that have been active over the weekend, we are returning the trophies to the players that have been affected the most.

If you are one of the affected players, please be aware that if you not play actively, you will very likely lose these trophies again over time.

Seems ok , but those that quite attacking will get trophies back… those that continued to attack to hold there position and not lose as much get nothing… I think it should of been nothing or everyone…

Just saying :wink: