Changes to the SV calculation?

One of our members in the alliance created a calculator spreadsheet for SVs in fights during conquest.  In the past, this calculator worked perfectly but in this conquest I’m not able to get the numbers to tie to our calculator.  Maybe i’m inputting something incorrectly, which I’ve done in the past, but we have two fights going right now and neither one ties out.  


Anyone else with a similar issue?  (Assuming other alliances have nerds that create things like this to use)   :slight_smile:

There was definitely some change to SV that was not in the patch notes.  Not sure if it was on purpose or a bug.

How so?  Please elaborate on how it changed.  

As Far as I know we do not have any wars yet.  Those typically happen on second or 3 day. 


We don’t know the changes yet, just that it seems like something’s changed.


I also have a calculator spreadsheet.


It is not working properly this time.

I think The number of Skulls needed has increased significantly.


For most fights it was way higher (double) than predicted, but for another it was 30% lower.  Also, the SV multiplier no longer stops going down at 14 hrs.

Hello, please let me check with the developers. Sorry for the inconvenience. I hope to get back to you today!

Thanks Madlen!  Think in the future if there was purposefully a change made to the calculation it should be transparent, especially for those alliances like ours who have a calculator and live and die by it to try and win battles on the field strategically.  If it’s a bug, then so be it…   :slight_smile:


Appreciate you looking into this for us!

Hello there, yes, there have been indeed some changes to the SV calculation/ War Tile block calculation. Please excuse that the following information was not presented in time for the running Conquest.

Conquest: War Tile block changes

The standard amount of time to go away from the Tile is 60 minutes. Additionally, for every King/Queen that was on the Tile when the War was won, 20 extra minutes will be added. Now there is a max. time of 180 minutes in total.

(Changes in red)

Supreme Victory changes:

Multiplier now starts at 10 and goes down to ‘1’ in 16h instead of 10h

The example in this guide has been adjusted:

(Example: Time: Within the first hours of a war a ‘Time-multiplier’ is applied in order to ensure that the defending party has some time to react to an attack. The ‘Time-multiplier’ starts with x10 and slowly reduces over the course of 16 hours to x1. So in our above example, a party that would want to score a ‘Supreme Victory’ directly at the start of the war, would need to get 11.250 skulls *10 = 112.500 skulls. After 8 hours the ‘Time-multiplier’ has reduced to 50% (x5,5), so the skulls needed then would be 11.250 skulls *5,5 = 61.875 skulls. After 16 hours we are back to the original 11.250 skulls because the ‘Time-multiplier’ is x1 now.)

It’s alright Madlen!!  I know that with the release of 5.0 things can be missed or overlooked.  Appreciate the very quick response to this!

How is 7.5 half between 10 and 1? shouldn’t it rather be 5.5?

4.5. But otherwise yes, something was internally misread. Corrected it now. ?


Are you sure its not 5.5?  It was 4.5 when it went from 8 to 1.  If it goes from 10 to 1 now over 16 hrs, it should be 5.5 after 8 hrs.

I checked the trillionth ? time now with the devs and yes it is 5.5

I corrected it in my original post. Thank you.

I hope we never change this again :wink:

Good find you guys!