Changes to Tile Block

The calculation for tile block was changed without giving the new calculation.  It used to be 3hrs + 10 min per player in the tile after the war.  The notes say its “capped at 3 hrs” now, but that would imply that it is just always 3 hrs, which isn’t true.

Hello, please let me check with the developers. Sorry for the inconvenience. I hope to get back to you today. Thanks for bearing with me.

Hello there, yes, there have been indeed some changes to the SV calculation+ War Tile block calculation. Please excuse that the following information was not presented in time for the running Conquest.

Conquest: War Tile block changes

The standard amount of time to go away from the Tile is 60 minutes. Additionally, for every King/Queen that was on the Tile when the War was won, 20 extra minutes will be added. Now there is a max. time of 180 minutes in total.

(Changes in red)

Supreme Victory changes:

Multiplier now starts at 10 and goes down to ‘1’ in 16h instead of 10h

The example in this guide has been adjusted:

(Example: Time: Within the first hours of a war a ‘Time-multiplier’ is applied in order to ensure that the defending party has some time to react to an attack. The ‘Time-multiplier’ starts with x10 and slowly reduces over the course of 16 hours to x1. So in our above example, a party that would want to score a ‘Supreme Victory’ directly at the start of the war, would need to get 11.250 skulls *10 = 112.500 skulls. After 8 hours the ‘Time-multiplier’ has reduced to 50% (x4,5), so the skulls needed then would be 11.250 skulls *4,5 = 50.625 skulls. After 16 hours we are back to the original 11.250 skulls because the ‘Time-multiplier’ is x1 now.)

Thank you for the information and the reduction in time for tile blocking. I would only add 10-15 minutes per person but still a good move.