Changing Troops, Spells, scrolls and Pal(to be added) in the prepare for battle screen.

Finding which pal is to be accompanied for the battle takes some time.

When we see a base layout changing troops,spells,pals, Guardians accordingly takes some time .

So can there be an option to change these things on the “Prepare for battle screen” itself. 

By adding a small arrow or any small variations on their sides can help to select these items To and Fro.

A Pal selection option on the above will also be helpful.


We understand the wish for this, but this is already hard to read on small devices, so we wouldn’t want to add even smaller buttons there.

It would be, but since there is already a short cut, this would not be a priority atm.

Thank you!

this shortcut i find at ~level 100 ? nobody look there, bad place for a setup and … you are not see the pal you use …

i scroll 5 times to find bela ? when i’m inside  :rolleyes: