Changing war boosts

The war boosts are not even. It seems like everyone drops mummy war and fights like crazy pyro and arbs. 

This is a boring setup. Flare needs to split arbs and pyro up at least or add new reward boosts. When the whole map is trying to lose Mummy war you have problems with your war rewards. @flaretara @Nikko

Both dragons shouod be together and mummy and arbs shoukd be together. So at least people start fighting for arbs during mummy wars

Some new war boosts are really in order. Imagine how hard some teams would fight if Juggernauts or Insta Knights were the potential reward. Flare really needs to start mixing things up. These boosts are getting boring!

Yeah I totally don’t care anymore at all about the super boring war boosts. I don’t use any of those stuff even boosted or not.

Would be more interesting if the special war boosts could become the rewards.

How about adding the special war boost as alliance war rewards together with the boosts we have now… In this case, Wars will have more complexity and alliances will be more motivated to fight in every war season (not only during the dracomancer season)

That’s a good suggestion, giving the seasonal boosts as prices. Current war boosts I would demote to normal boosts.

There hasn’t been a new seasonal war boost in almost a year, I think Juggernaut was the last boost introduced (maybe basilisk bomber), no boosts for necro, heal, viking or basilisk yet.

I have posted in suggestions to make fiefdoms worth keeping. Even if you shift around the war boosts, it still doesn’t address the issue that by the 3rd day, probably half or more of the teams will just want to drop fiefs. Additionally even when winning it’s more fun to go all out, rather than trying to win with at little fief as possible.

It would be more fun for everyone, if even on the 5th day whether you are +5 fiefs, or -2 fiefs, you still want to try give it your all to win as many as you can.

strategically more fun too trying to gain every 1 fief, trying to outmaneuver other alliances, rather than alliances contacting each other to see work out who wants to drop fiefs or not.

Most alliances go +3/-3 each war, and most alliances only care about frostblaster (for defence) and dragomancer (for offence), the rest aren’t worth much (surprise mummy is handy for some ninja levels or when there’s a double war boost), froster, gargoyle nest and doom gate (especially) are pretty worthless these days.