Chaos Squad - recruiting

Hi guys,

with war system updates just around the corner, we are currently looking for a few good players lvl 95+ (who can punch at or above their level) donation 100k.  

We are ranked about 50, and have 30+ decent regular players, with varying experience.

Also have Band app group for those interested.

Main important blessings are always active and at alliance lvl34…

send an application or leave a message here, first come first serve basis,  thanks

3 spaces left

Hi am a level 28 , but if you want a very active player  then you might consider giving me a chance, I am retired and play everyday and upto around 8 to 10 hours a day, respectfully acknard.


of course , we appreciate your will , just sent you invitation (since our min.req is 90+)


one space left, lvl 50 alliance with 9 blessings active, get in B4 the war,  cheers :slight_smile:

rank 50 , alliance lvl 34

currently have 3 spaces for active players, preferably lvl 80+, and we now accept Brazilians/Portuguese language speakers :(),  reply here or request join in game.



2 spaces left…

Good Luck Brother Hope The Best For U And Ure Alliance Maybe One Day We Will Be At Same Alliance Again

still 2 spaces as of today. Lvl 80 + active and can donate.  

Currently have 1 slot available preferably lvl 90 (80+ if you’re active every day) + active for wars, team player. We have various nationalities - British, Brazilian,German, Indonesian, and more.  Reply here or send application to Chaos squad, thanks.

2 spaces required to complete our 40 warriors.  Preferably lvl 90  and donation minimum 50k…we fight in wars, have  our band group to discuss tactics and stuff. Apply here or in game…Chaos Squad.

Lucky day folks! 1 space has opened up, no need to collect special tokens,  just apply to Chaos Squad…must be over lvl 90 donation 75k+ .


Bring a friend day is being celebrated here in Chaos Squad, so that means you and a friend can join ( yeah we have 2 slots)… must be lvl 90+ donation 50k+  cheers

1 space currently, get there first, be the ‘chosen one’.  Lvl 90+ donation min 50K.    apply here or in game. War 2 days away.  (I can sell snow to eskimos)

Solid tier 3 alliance(all active in wars), 1 slot for active war warrior. Lvl 100 +  50k donations…cheers.

1 space again - war orientated player to join a solid active bunch.  Lvl 100+  50k donations.  Many blessings and stuff :grinning: