Chaos Tower

I haven’t made a suggestion in a while mostly because I haven’t seen any of my suggestions implemented in a while.  ?

I really have my fingers cross for the Banshee in version 4.0, @FTB said he liked it!

And it looks like they might be implementing some of the Risk Board Game concept into the new Conquest Mode:

Again I have to point out the Flare business model is never fix old mistakes when you can make new ones!

But,  finally the point of my post! 

How about a new Tower? 

The Chaos Tower. 

It does random types of damage. 

And has the possibility to span troops! 

It could cast any spell, and will almost certainly cast a bad one on it’s death!

Or they can  fix the towers in game now.

Wouldn’t that be cool!

It is fun to fantasize!


Love the idea for the new tower, from what you described, it sounds a bit like my Knight Tower idea, where it spams troops, but I like the idea to have it cast a spell. Maybe it could cast a battle-cry and boost the troops

I’m thinking it should be Chaos.  It can cast any Spell and spawn any Troop. 

And I’m thinking it would look like an evil witches tower!


Oh, and Flare, please make it weak to Fire like every other bloody Tower out there!

I really want this idea to be completely raped in design like everything else you’ve done!

And if you think what I’m saying it’s fair.  Remember you created a Basilisk Tower, literally not a tower.  What the hell were you thinking when you named it?  And you literally had the first logical opportunity to make a “tower” that was weak to poison, you make it weak to Fire like every other “Tower”!  And what the hell weak to Blunt?  You logic is/was all Towers are weak to Blunt cause that’s good against buildings.  It’s not a freaking, fracking, fricking, effing, fudging, frapping building!  Or did the freaking name confuse you?  You are the most troll/hive-mind zombies I’ve seen designing a video game since EA (hope that hurt)!

Chaos Tower sound for me like more a PVP event. Where there is a Chaos Tower who spread Chaos everywhere in RR2. Your main goal is clear the Chaos over time. More the player will be able to bring back peace in the kingdom and more rewards you will get. Can be in a form of daily mission