Chapter 2

When can we see chapter 2 and how many chapters will be showen @GalaMorgane?

Chapter 2: Empire strikes back!

As last chapter : return of the jedi?.

Only want to know how many chapter they will show before the update?

And just when you thought they finished with the teaser videos, they come out with chapter 4 the phantom menace. And the teaser videos go on for another few months.

tomorrow chapter 2

Heb je voorkennis?

it sounds logic, but the only thing i learned here is that nothing is logic in this game or their way of communicate??

And how many months will it take after the release of 4.0 until “The Conquest” will work without major flaws?

I would say we should meet again at Christmas time… ???

Seems the community doing everything to make Flare devs hate them))


what a sense of non stop complains?

dzen guys??

How is the bootlicker strategy working for you, @cr1 ? Is that the reason you getting through with insulting people? ?

According to you we do not need any changes in the game. Everything is fine. Bugs are usually no problem.

You are just here to troll others, as we all know. Why dont you stop posting?


or you behave yourself like a selfish child- complain complain complain, or you behave yourself like a real man, like me?- there will be one result. Flare willdo update in the time THEY NEED, not you or me.

i have no idea why you think i have bootlicker strategy)

i just underatand how its working and how boring to see those ■■■■■■ same posts about EVERYTHIng. 

I dnt see bugs which are PROBLEM. 

Wtf another colour of DRAGON- its F***g problem its need immidiatly make 10 posts with a declaration to fix it . IMMIDIATLy. And its all same. Everytime



Then tell me. Why are you posting here?

Can we answer you any question? You told me many times how ■■■■■■ something was and I proved you wrong countless times. Bad memory? ?

 You are just an average player with a tendency to make fun of others. But I will explain it even for you:

Flare is doing a lot of things wrong. I am talking about Flaregames as a publisher and also Keen Flare (the Devs) which might act according to Flaregames rules. But still I can think of many things the Devs could do much better. There have been many clever suggestions in this forum which have been ignored. Not everything can be done, of course, but still. Especially ignoring the flaws in war mechanism speaks for itself.

Many people - including me - tried to talk to Flare politely - without effect. Now they repeatedly say they need our feedback for improving. But they give us the worst CM they ever had. I dont think Gala is even sending notes about the problems like her predecessor did. Apparently there is no deeper understanding of game mechanics by her. And we the players do not even get a list of bugs which are known and worked on. Which would be standard for any decent developer. And there are a lot of annoying bugs. Only the most pressing seem to get any attention now.

I could go on like this, but I wont. I like the game but anybody with a bit of common sense can see where this will be ending. Next game from Flare Accelerator Programme probably paid with RR2 money needs attention. Devs wont starve. But RR2 will go down earlier or later. Which would be not so hard to prevent, the good suggestions are there.

Maybe the new Conquest will be interesting and can attract players for a while, I really do hope so. But at this point my faith in Flare is very low. Especially to give us anything that is well thought through. If they are going in the right direction, why not explain a bit but release this ■■■■■■ workers Video in different chapters? This is cheap, really. Are we really supposed to admire this and everything they give us?

Make your own game and make better.

your problem its only your problem.

i make posts only because 2 reasons:

  1. its very fun too see how are ■■■■■■ many players.

  2. i want show to flare not everyone think “all bad in the game”.  And if true, i really  see THE ONLY ONE PROBLEM( its no goal dor tops). But its not the Devs problem, its problem only for the top player.

Devs said many times- they dnt want to explain , community need to find solution by themselfes. 

Or you accept this rule or not. I have no idea why they need CM, but it ABSOLUTLY clear that after Alysea there were a rules against being too close with players. She was fired and it war right decision ( my opinion).

if you accept- stop complain , especially when 99% complaints are about idiotic things like another colour of dragons( why its matter? For whom? ) or about something like is not really bug but is about only comfort( like FB friends or etc) or like someone dnt like the way how are Flare announcing something( its not our deals, they have their own plan how to do it).


if you dnt accept just leave game. Vote by money( byt mainly all complaints are from non paid low levels player which are not important for game)


Very very eqsy to choose.



didnt understand your sentence about “how wrong something was”

even if it was WRONG it was WRONG for everyone! So everyone in the same situation, so its absolutly normal for me.

if i didnt like super strong Toxic it didnt mean i fighted against. Cuz everyone had same power toxic.

and yes i still dnt like, that Flare dnt carw about paid players. You can invest a lot ij your base- and even middle playee can beat you.

you can spent thousands dollars bying pals to your alliance- and another alliance can use multiaccing. Its not good, but another side i can use multiaccing too, but lazzy. So its not flare fault?

Sorry,  but did you copy & paste that post? I think I have read it before. ?

Still it contains a lot of wrong things:

  • Why make own game when this one could easily be improved? You seem to have no idea of the effort of creating such a game.

  • Dragon color is not a serious bug but a funny one that should have been detected if any testing was done. No wonder there were many posts after a short time

  • Alysea was not close to the players as CM, I think. But she was fair in answering them. Sorry she ignored you. Get over it.

  • If Devs make ■■■■■■ things, why accept it or even leave game if you still like it? Very strange mindset of yours. I know you are an admirer of Putin. But this is a western game you play. People oppose to things. Get used to it.

  • Calling people ■■■■■■, idiots or idiotic also is against Flares rules. Lets see how long you will be lucky and not get punishment for it. 

Everyone… everyone stay calm before the moderator comes and punishes everyone posting in forums. 

Nothing wrong was in my post)

you asked i answered.


its not your game. You want to improve, but they DNT want or they have no ability. Its easry to understand for everyone who want to understand)

alysea shared info with Skint(matter info, not like info about exchange currency ( but that was not smart fromher side), there was a proofs, but its no matter now. It was shame and im sure that was the reason of her fire. May be not, but we sended our proofs for her boss)

devs didnt make ■■■■■■ things, its you think they did.Its your usual thing, you absolutly sure that you are right, even if you are not. 

Have no idea why you start to talk about Putin, but yes, im one of hundred millions who are admire him. He is not dollar he dnt need to be loved by everyone, just by if you dnt like him( like you dnt like this game, devs, company) just skip it cuz its not your deal)


Just make ticket and we will see??

Dude, you figured out what the devils are doing behind the scenes!  they’re introducing a new pet! ?

In the spirit of jar jar, the new pal will have the ability “uncanny luck”. With a radius of 6, all units and towers caught under the spell will have 50% chance to miss.


The beast version does the same to incoming raiders. Beast’s version of uncanny luck affects king’s spells too, that they will have 50% chance to miss (each unit will have it’s own check, i.e under the influence of uncanny luck, if the king cast blizzard, it will hit some and miss some).


Chance to miss, of course, varies with pal’s level.

Ik vroeg alleen hoeveel hoofdstukken er zullen komen voor update.

Het is niet nodig dat mensen commentaar geven hoe andere mensen spelen ?

You do realize your post is only in Dutch, right (as many others of your posts are partially Dutch)?