Chapter I - The Mysterious Mountain Path.....

Hello there! 

Here you can freely discuss the video teaser we posted here : 

What do you folks think! 


What do you think people can think? This video tells literally nothing. I lost the hype already.

i think he finds possibilities to spend gems…

What will he find? A whole lot of disappointment

This video suppose to hide something inside? I don’t know maybe Royal Revolt 3 revelations. A another kingdom to build? with Pal Hut,Market and more. A another Dungeon with over 100 Dungeons who will finally give us over 10,000 gems and more

Let’s me think…finally find the Queen Kingdom and will give us access to both. Use the king and Queen

No wait… I think finally in 4.0 we will have a War Risk Map O.O finally. No?

It is a worm hole trap into the abyss that is a permanent disconnect on your server.

Looks like a campaign mode…


I like it.

@GalaMorgane if someone find what 4.0 will add can we earn 5000 gems if we found it ?

don’t tell me they have finally add the campaign mode i have suggest in my topic version 3.5 to 4.0. So awesome if its the case. Who will give rewards for each level you do and more. A new PVE is more than welcome in RR2

I guess it’s indeed a camaign mode for teams. I hope it’s some mode play with several difficulty levels, where we can explore a lot of new levels with our team.

Lol, it’s a link where you can play RR1, against the uncles and Aunt…


I love RR1!


I’m sure the King will die somewhere on the road thus signifying the end of RR2. I mean, a lot of you have been saying this for the last 2 years now.

You aren’t the only one. Would be great to level up like there, it’s not for nothing the hero leaves with only a donkey. So no boosts, spells and so on from RR2, it will be something else.

I sincerely hope a similar thing like RR1, only put in a new jacket. Having said that, I would not be surprised if there is a team conquest.

You must think that layers who maxed everything are bored. So a new mission during recess with unique challenges would be fantastic. It’s even more fantastic when you have for example a month or week to play there and after that new challenges are created. I hope it’s something interesting, just fun to do. And not like dungeons, beat a level and then need to assign workers to keep digging for a while to new playground.

I think this worker try for make road to jungle! and find foods,gold and some others! king must from this road go to new world :wink: and start new festivals from here
its my think @GalaMorgane

There’s a maze ? Run, Forrest, run! ?

Well Gala, you are only 6+ weeks behind in the notification of the diggers. Their progress has been excruciatingly slow. They need to use some TNT and speed it up. Having said that, I still think it will be similar to the odyssey challenges in Olympus rising. But a team challenge would be new and exciting, as long as it is only team members that participate who can reap the rewards. I am very tired of the freeloaders in this game.

We are waiting for a new pal Donkey Explorer))


I like it as well… you can say whatever or slag off FG for what they do but this is first game I played that did not died off due to lack of ideas or interest from devs. Some of games either not being updated for ever or are infested with bugs or are just boring. I know we complaining but hey ho at least they are people you can complain to and  sometimes they listen. So at the end on my boring post I would like to say that it is good to know that something is going to change, good or bad we don’t know but it is a light in a tunnel that other games don’t have. And if someone does not like it then delete RR2 from your device simple 

Hahahahahahah some of the players are such pessimistic and demanding it’s depressing. 

I personally can’t wait what it is, exciting stuff!