Chapter II - The Royal Road Trip!

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This is a topic related to the new Chapter II video, you can find here!

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Looks like they are going to reset our home base so we need to rebuild it from scratch?  hmmmm…


with a title like this lol. I don’t have watch the video but seem that suggest the king on a trip of cocaine with the Queen. They do a Road trip ?

(I say it in the kids topic. this game should be for mature 13+) Flare have a twisted mind. S*X reference in festival. Drug reference and more.Bad influence for kids)

Edit : Nothing like Chapter 1. We lost interested. Next!!!

PS : Flare you should create this book for real. With the story and illustration. the kids of 5 years old will like it for sure. With at least 20 pages. Success guaranteed

Could be new releams?

Buuuuuu buuuuuuu!!!

Could be RR3, and we all start from scratch.

Hopefully with a headstart depending on Hero-level, amount of pearls, gems, etc

When the King reached there, there were already friends?


A crossover with another game? Maybe there’s a merger and acquisition going on behind the scenes considering all the rumours…

Well looks like to me that there is some 1 There is telescope like thing sobit could be a research building / laboratory, some weapon making or place of workers like someting,  looks same like castle guard but not sure, in the image  :

Sounds like we’ll have an alliance base to build and defend?

Seems like another base just like our current one? lol

It looks like a place for the Alliance. Members can spend their remaining gems and gold there.

Why not Pearls  also? Please do not discriminate on currencies  this is a violation of the civil rights 

Because we need those for our own defense plus offense. Or am I offending


Yups, looks like creating another kingdom,

If it’s true then rr2 goes to the another level.

They just showed nothing in those two videos.  It can be another own kingdom, it can also a alliance bounded kingdom, it can also be a only payed thing…

it just can be everything.  

Most probably it will pay related.

and with their new formular we had to accept, it will be easier to detect multiple accounts on 1 device, so people have to buy multiple devices and mobile internet subscriptions.  Will cost more to cheat??

Chapter 1 : 1/10

Chapter 2 : 1/10

Next!!! maybe the next movie will be better

I hope not. Almost have my defense maxed.

Let me guess…a place where Flare protect more cheater maybe?