Chapter II - The Royal Road Trip!

What if all this is just a hint that you can watch the kingdom of your friends and alliance members like in Olympus Rising. ?

But in a more complex matter, knowing that “some of his friends had already made it to the unknown Kingdom” i expect to build from scratch new buildings and i expect a different type of gameplay. I ask to flare however to not make me take 5 years to maximize those, please.

Surely the chapter 3 will give the last shot to conclude this whole overview of the 4.0 update and will explain a lot better what we’ll expect.

you so hate developers! you have a lot of claims to the game! Why are you here???

Ok now i got it, look the 2nd building of the picture it shows clearly 2 hammers hanging in the entrance…which means that workers can be used in other ways, other than buildings…remember the old topics about “please let us using workers to speed up?” well i bet they did something similar but for other purposes!

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I hoping some new war update.

I was hoping it would lead to my money back and a way out!