Chapter III - Work, work, work!

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Again, i was expecting something more explicit in the video, but well… if it’s fine for you then ok ?

The 2 workers have been working for months, now flare will use a few more months with videos, and maybe after summer they release the update. BUT it will have multiple display bugs and will need to be fixed for the first month… bla bla bla ???

When I saw that the king gathered his army…I hopes that it says : update now…well…I guess we can wait for another 3 weeks…

next chapter, he gathers some foods

next he kissed his girl goodbye

next, he shaves his head off

next, he put some perfume…


While I’m greatly looking forward to something new, I really don’t understand the point of these videos.  They provide virtually no information about what is coming or when it will come.  If these are supposed to be creating interest in the next big thing, then they greatly miss the mark, IMO.  If you want to create interest, then start telling about the actual features that are coming.  That will generate actual interest in the game and anticipation for those new features. 

As it is, the videos are more of an annoyance and disappointment than anything else as we open it up with the hope that there will be something useful in them, but then 45 seconds later we are left wondering what the point was and still not having any real idea of what’s coming.

What if the video has already given us all the information we need. We are just too blind to see it. It shows us what to expect in the new update… which is… nothing. Just like the video, there won’t be any new content. The end.

meanwhile, I am convinced, there will be a co-op feature.

Means, you may be able to fight together with other players.

A very simple question, how many chapters has this boring book? You seriously expect us to wait week after week for a new video  chapter, giving us almost no info in an extreme childish way? Maybe flare is not aware of this, sorry to disappoint you, but we are no kindergarten. We don’t need bedtime stories.

Just give us an indication when flare expects that the new release is available. We don’t need an exact date, but we also don’t need you to keep us busy this way.

First they gave us this Pro League crap with underpowered troops and Spells, now they give us underpowered buildings and obstacles ? 

its the hint in the video :

build a new stronghold

create a new army

explore a unknown realm

with this I am tempting to keep my first idea in chapter 1. A new kingdom with new buildings. However when that say the King build a new army. A new PVE Mode? at the end explore a unknown realm. If you take reference realm like in Mortal Kombat is big. Realm like outworld. So a new place with new buildings, new stuffs to create and build. I am sure its something around new place and new building. 4.0 sound great. Maybe the answer is in the first page. a new building name Stronghold who will allow to do something like Co-op Mode? I am sure I am close. Will see in next chapter

When you read the title its work,work,work. So in 4.0 you will build a Stronghold a fortified place and must defend it with new army. Sound like a PVE mode.

Definition of Stronghold : a fortified place. in many game a stronghold is a huge castle fortification where you must defend against army. Like the exemple give on internet : the rebel retreated to their mountain stronghold

Maybe not familiar with the word Stronghold I will give you the synonyms : Fortress,Castle,Citadel,Fort,Garrison,etc…

Here a screenshot of what is a Stronghold :

Game - Prev 2.jpg

ok let’s take the three hint :

chapter 1 : the mysterious Mountain Path

Chapter 2: the King road strip

Chapter 3 : Work,work,work

fit with the idea its something huge like a stronghold and you must defend it against wave or army a PVE mode. My second idea is A new War Season concept. Where you build a Stronghold with your alliance members and build new building together with coop mode. Will see in Chapter 4 if I am close. whatever is it that look really interesting by the way.

Watching I see something like Shakes & Fidget. Buildings giving bonuses etc. Etc.

Seems like u asked question for the 2nd time @Dena4 and either you get answer about something else or nothing at all ?

Yes, I asked it also in nemesis topic. Flare is just buying some time with these videos. Instead of wasting time in using RR1 characters to create a non bestseller book, they should have invested time in developing the new feature.

I think it’s a Multi player environment where Alliance or a group of players can work on a new area, castle plus other buildings. Guess who will be in advantage there? 


Its RR3 , merged in rr2 

Once I played siegefall and they announced biggest update yet. PvP live battles, second village lol they had to shut server down week after due to bug infestation and after it was live again it was not any better constant disconnections and bugs … hope Flare will not follow whatever new update brings. 

Maybe spend less time on promotional videos and more on bugs? 


I would love to see open challenge wars , where you can challengea team of your choosing , agreed on both parts , no trophys ,no skulls , just hit for hit ,3 day challenge , unlimited fights , all out war , no restrictions


I am sure we all have friends on other teams , and what better fun than to compete with them for bragggin rights , ; heyy fun is what this game is for , better when ya can share the fun


Ok here I go , Flare , do ya know that yes , a lot of kids play this game , but your stable is the older crowd like me ,I am 54 , most of our team is above 30 . so we want some slack form the kids book , this story is takeing way tooooo loooonnnngggg 

if ya are gonna change something , fix the existing problem first , no vids , you offer a lot ,but only give half


What is the king making in the mountain and training a soldier? hummm?

①It is a soldier who never tells the existence… for example  ninja or  assassin · · · who train secretly in the mountains.

②Will the king make fortresses on the border?

③You can see three or Four buildings by watch a video.There is a device in the building.Are they digging from the ground?Is this something you can not protect without security?

If this is real, I think it is a rare ore / crude oil…What did the king find?This is what I imagined watching the video.