Chapter IV - A Royal Surprise!

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This thread is related to the new teaser video that can be found here:

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The end (!) please)))

Well, I guess this qualifies as a royal surprise.  I certainly wasn’t expecting it. :slight_smile:

Nothing surprising about the lack of content.

Very informative, liked.

What about the last page showing  THE END?

i, @GalaMorgane

I think its very strange to blame flare in the problem tbey cant fix by themself.

may be its time to you to buy good gadget, not windows? 

So iOS or Android are better? Maybe for games and phones, but for the rest it’s definitely that Windows is superior.

Problem we face is gdpr of Europe. Something needs to be adapted, so that Windows players in Europe get their rewards. Videos play, so that’s no problem. Problem is that result is either never arriving at the game or there is an incorrect result.

More games in Europe suffer this problem, it’s not only vungle related. You say flare can’t fix it? So why is it working in rest of the world and not in Europe? Flare can use a sniffing tool (fiddler) to see what is send out (that is correct, videos work) and what is returned. That’s either nothing (time out) or an unexpected result. We as players don’t know what should be returned, since we don’t have the code of the game. However… why can’t they use tracelogs or debug what’s going on there?

I do it all the time to find bugs or unexpected behavior. They can even check what results are returned in rest of the world and help Vungle to figure out what the problem is. We as customers want a proactive attitude from flare, not a passive one and hide and seek strategy.

Like I said in another topic, customers don’t care who is responsible, the end product supplier is flare, their product has this problem, so they should do their best to fix it. If it’s Vungle to blame, they should really work on their nerves, this should be fixed, there is no time to take all time in the world.


Hint :

  • Gold

  • Defend Stronghold

  • the Word Alliance

After look this Chapter 4. My thing about the 4.0 seem to be 100% true. Bulleyes in target.A stronghold and you must defend it. New War Season redesign with Coop mode or something to do with your Alliance or New PVE mode. I am sure what I have write in chapter 3 its really close of that. Well we will know more when 4.0 come out :grinning:

Plus seem 4.0 will allow us maybe to gain more gold. So if that solve the problem of lack of gold. I will be happy.Maybe a Gold Mine or something who will offer gold with the help of taverns

In the video there is one page talk about the King becoming rich.

Gala mention too new shoes for Blacksmith

So after look Chapter 1 to 4 my though about 4.0 and all topic :

  • New way to produce or obtain Gold

  • Maybe a New PVE Mode or a brand new War Season concept

  • New building with a Stronghold

  • New level 130 to 140

  • +1 Level for troops,spells and defense tower

  • FTB have talk about they reworking totally the whole defense. So something about Defense. Who know we will get finally the Defense Layout Set A,B,C

  • Probably a new troop and new defense tower

  • Probably something new about the Blacksmith

and more

this 4.0 will be huge more bigger than 2.0 and 3.0. RR2 needed it for sure.


Shoes of the blacksmith? The key is that

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btw i have ios and i never had problems with ads or rewards. So i have no idea why someone need cry like ??? about problems or videos or etc. just the gMe

We talk about phone. Windows phone is a joke.


really guys, i cant understand you all. If it would be no video- just skip it and dnt use it. Not big deal

Oh i didnt think you thought your 13 year ild daughter didnt see penis. 

Its better for you to spent timw with your daughter not play games

@GalaMorgane @Archimedes @FTB

This is beyond the pale. Please do something. 

?‍♀️?‍♀️ They cant spent time with your daughter. Its your duty as father. Hope you will understand it one day.


They should never have enabled the windows videos in the first place…

But well done on bringing every thread way off topic, you’re getting worse than warriornator in that regard.

Video seems to be implying some new sort of alliance war, possibly in a shared stronghold.

Genie and Master members complaining about having to upgrade their alliance in 3…2…

lol better device than windows…throwing away the best OS for computers just for a joke