Character/Account Transfer

Good day, Earlier I was having dinner, my phone somehow got stolen, Hopefully tomorrow I get a new phone, how do I transfer my account? I have proof of accounts (Billing statements for creidts)

Old Phone : Nokia Lumia 630

New Phone : Hopefully planning to get iPhone 6S 

What should I do? 


You need to contact the customer support team here:

You will need to provide them with proofs of your ownership of the account to get your account back.

Okay, I can access it on my PC/Desktop, Most likely you will need screen shots + billing statements right? 

the “LINK ACCOUNT” on setting option for PC is that the tranfer account feature? 

If you have access to it still, you can just transfer it.

And yup, the “link” account feature allows you to transfer your account to your new device. :grinning:

Sweet, I’ll just wait for my new phone then, there might be expiration on transfer code or something. I’m using it on my pc now. By the way, is it possible to lock access on my old phone? The thief might have access to it if he gets internet connection on that phone…

Unfortunately it is not something I can do, only the CS team might be able to do so.

As Monday is a day off in Germany though, the answer would be on Tuesday.

You can have a look at this guide to check how the account transfer works exactly: