character titles

I think alot of people r wondering how to have a troop above their name aka knight paladin archer I do not know how to and was wondering If anyone can let me know how do u have to have a certain important thing

your doing fine.

yer almost a legend

Ok huck thanks I guess lol

50 posts - knight


100 posts - archer


150 posts - paladin


200 posts - froster


and so on…

Actually, I think it’s:


Knight 50

Archer 100

Paladin 250

Froster 250

Pyromancer 350


and who knows what is next? Nobody has posted enough…

um im pretty sure hes talking about name tags over the troops in the game such as paladin, etc. even if it happens it will still blind high level players even more due to the fact that they have a higher morale

Nope! See:


“People are wondering how to have a troop above their name aka knight, paladin, acher…”

Eh who knows… Find out next time on “the forgotten legend”

Silver well obviously the moderators do, duh? go and ask them!

dont yell at me!!!

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Well thanks for the responses u guys I have worked out how to now anyway but thanks

Legends craft


Basically those titles are post-count (PC) based - but now, don’t start spamming to increase yours!


If you search the forums, you might find the topic where those titles were discussed and announced along with the exact PC values for each one…