Charts for upgrades


   Just wanted everybody’s views on this.


I suggest an improvement.


Most of us do not know the maximum levels of units and spells. Either we ask each other or check on the net. Wouldn’t it be nice if the details were provided in-game?


What I suggest is, when we (eg. spell) select a spell to upgrade there is a window, which opens up giving details of the next upgrade (it is nice). A slight improvement to this can be that a thermometer like a Bar chart or something can be shown in the same window that shows the current level (where we are) and the other levels to reach the maximum with the gold needed. 

This will also help the player to be motivated to achieve the max. level.


The same applies to the units, towers, etc. as well.



Your Thoughts!!





I have to give all credits to oPelle, he actually created a forum with detailed info. Just google on “wiki royal revolt 2” and then you come on a page with subselections. They contain all info that you would like to know.

Yes Dena4, I saw that. It’s actually a great thing to have that in the absence of a real data by Flare. However, that requires us to go out of the game. I was suggesting to have a similar (fancy) thing in-game, especially when you have the money and you have to select what to upgrade and what not.


That could be a good feature.



It indeed would be a great feature. Most of the times I plan what I want to upgrade and already check what such upgrades cost to max it. I only do this for spells and troops, but only remember the costs for next upgrade. 


For example, I was upgrading my blizzard and while I was upgrading I knew already that I immediately want to maximize it when it’s ready. I check oPelle his wiki pages and see 10M. So I know that I need to collect that and have it available when the upgrade is ready. Would be nice feature if I could see a list of remaining upgrades plus costs indeed.


I never have been actually thinking that way, but now you mention it, it would indeed be a nice addon. Now I only focus on next upgrade of towers, troops, spells e.t.c… Would be nice if such info is available. Such an overview of remaining upgrades, costs, time it takes to upgrade and improvement would be a great addon. If I had an overview of all remaining updates to max, it could help me to plan those upgrades better.



Instead of the “?” button that redirect you on the faq of flaregames, they could change the link and redirect you to the wiki. But to allow this they have to ask permission to Wikia because otherwise they could violate Terms of Use of Wiki and currently i don’t think they have in mind such thing.

+1 but not needed currently , opelle has done it for u


I have to say oPelle has killed it with the info he upkeep online!


When we’re upgrading why couldn’t the button simply say: Level 7 of 10?

It’s not all the info oPelle give, but it does help us out a little bit.

Right now I’m always going to oPelle’s page when I shouldn’t have to open my browser for that.

I do like this idea. It would save players a lot of time trying to plan for new upgrades. And it would also save oPelle a whole lot of time! :wink:


However, not to be downer, but I seriously doubt Flaregames would include everything that oPelle has included in his charts. His charts are just so enormous and so detailed (including things like upgrade times, speed-up prices, and even the number of bombs per volley for each level of skull tower) that I can’t imagine Flaregames would include all that. It’s just not worth their time. So in the end we might still be checking up on oPelle’s charts.

Well, I’m playing on Windows, so when that happens I just split my screen. Keep Royal Revolt on one side (and click every so often to assure your queen that you haven’t gone anywhere), and look up the charts on the other. :slight_smile:

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