Chat and translation

just wondering why there is no way to copy, paste. there are alot of different countries that play this game. shouldnt translation be a feature ? can this be added ?

Exactly, see the “Chat improvement” topic ? I wrote the same thing.

they need to go see Nords " Heroes of the North by Plarium then, if those numbskulls at their can make an excellent copy paste system like that for chat…why cant u? u have an auto correct in ur chat so dont give us that ***** of too hard to do, just be truthful and say ur done investing in this game.

Especially now when we have conquest mode, a better chat is very important! We have a lot of multilingual alliances, so the current version of chat sucks! ?

yes please I always feel like muttering around Spanish members

As a workaround: there are several apps on the app stores to translate screens direct from a picture/ from another app.