Chat extremely slow, windows phone

Active alliance, internet connection 8 Mbit/s


chat is almost impossible to read Scrolling chat works for one second, then freezes for 10 seconds. Constantly. Round. 1 second running, 10 seconds hanging


it was too slow before, but it seems with 150 messages in general it became impossible to use

The same with insta-troop donation.

I can make any action (click) only during this 1 second, then just wait.


Exit chat? No, wait 10 seconds!

It is strange that there are no complaints.
Just asked in my alliance, and immediately received confirmation of both the android and Windows phone

Alliance chat slows down for 10-15 or more seconds for each of my actions (apparently due to the fact that someone constantly comes in / out of the game, requests or gives an insta, or writes something, or there may be changes on the entire map of the war- players move, fighting???)))

The more people online, the more this lag. Especially during the conquest… it become crazy, I forced to NOT open chat
(this may be why there are very few complaints, because most alliances do not have this high online ??? I suppose testers and developers never  participate very active alliance during conquest??? )

Someone write something to me, an urgent response is needed, and the more around the events, the more everything is dull…

You try to start writing, and the keyboard appears on the screen after 15 seconds.

You write and you don’t see what it is, and then it appears partially.
You click send, and see your words only after 30 seconds, etc.

Also about insta, 15 seconds to see half-empty insta-screen, another 15 seconds and you can click to send insta, and wait another 15 seconds than insta-window will close!

I can confirm that this is a real problem, and it is not because of inferior resources on the phone. I see the same problem with blocking chat every few seconds, but the phone has plenty of resources and can otherwise handle raids with a huge amount of troops and animation smoothly without any problem.

The problem started only with one of the recent point releases. Before that, never had a problem there. I think it started with the tripple chats, or the longer chat history. However, I don’t use my phone to play RR2 regularly, even less often use chat there. So I’m not exactly sure.

I just tested it, and it seems that the blocking happens whenever a new message or status update is received in chat. Either receiving the data or rendering it for the chat window seems to be done in a bad way that blocks the UI for a notable time. The more chat activity you have, the more unusable is the chat.


Hey guys,

Thanks for reporting this. We’ll look into the issue.

Immediately ? Not from the chat then ?