Chat history

It would be great if have chat history in game so I would know what are they talking about when I’m not online :wink:

hmm… that will b grreat

yeah, it’s true

+1 :slight_smile:

Are you saying we could have spies:o

please update the ingame chat to correct some write failure before sending :grinning:

…and let go back the cursor without to be obligated to cancel all the message…

Lot of annoying bugs.

Must be compensated with good granny sale 😊

I’d like a chat history.

I’ve only talked to my leader, the other members rarely talk.

They could be scheming,

I can almost hear the code writers for this game ripping there hair out right now lolz


Adding chat history and untolorated word filters take up tons of memory.

Translate engenes are even bigger.

The game is already pushing your phones to the limit with the detailed graphics while keeping gameplay smooth.

For now, we must rely on Alliance leadership and ourselves to keep harmony.


  1. Watch the flags to know what language to expect to hear when choosing a club.

  2. Its ok ediquite to say nothing in chat. The other player may be raiding or shy or doing who knows what. Maybe not even see it.

     Some of the best players around dont say shit. It has nothing to do with you

  1. Please be tolorant of one another. humor has little nuances that arnt always picked up in translation. the world is full of kindness.

  2. Dont worry about what might be said while your not around. nobody wants a hall moniter creaping around. Smoke less meth you wont be so paranoid.

  3. have fun!


I did inform this chat history issue to Jona on the first day of update on Windows PC , think they are on it already

Great job Flaregames.

Chat history would be great indeed.