Chat improvement

I have a suggestion concerning chat and messages in RR2. It would be very useful for players if it was possible to copy the text from chat and messages. It would help in the case of multilingual alliances and other multilingual communication. Right now, it is very difficult to translate messages in which special characters appear.

What do you think, @Madlen?

Yes, good one. For PC users , we cannot edit what we type in chat. Have to delete and retype the chat. Bring editing feature also.

Is it possible to get an answer from the staff??? @Sasch @Madlen

It’s the same for mobile users. Unless some platforms allow it while others don’t, which would be dum but not that improbable.

Also, with Stock Android you cannot add Emojis.

Hi there,

We are aware that the chat is not the best :slightly_frowning_face:

We agree that a copy/ paste function at least would be great for the start. It is not the easiest to implement, but IF we can free resources we will do it!

Thanks for an answer ?

Some basic stuff:

  • Copy/paste 

  • More lines of text 

  • longer char limit (we can barely get 2-3 lines of text) 

  • being able to edit

  • Flow + word prediction support 

  • older messages on top (so you would read the chat from top to bottom) 


Other stuff:

  • world/regional chat

  • war chat 

  • player name callout

I’d like to add one more to your list, Arrebimba…  the ability to have a hyperlink within the chat.  Especially in the sense of our youtube “instructional” videos. instead of having to write it down and then type it into your browser by hand.