Chat Improvement

Why do we have to delete a whole sentence when we need to correct an error?!?


Is quite annoying when we write a big sentence and notice a error in the beginning and we cannot correct it without having to delete the entire sentence!


Please fix that. =)

Agreed. Also, why can’t we change to portrait mode?

  • Why is no longer displayed in the chat when a player gets online or offline? =/


Please bring back: ‘player’ connected and ‘player’ disconnected

Definitely bring those back! 

Ok, connection messages when players are connected and disconnected are back in the chat! =)


But we still need to delete everything we write if we need to correct an error in the beginning of the sentence =(

I do like that the online/offline notification is back now because it makes it easier to determine when a member is there and when you’re talking to the walls of your Kingdom.  I would like to be able to edit the sentences a bit easier but it doesn’t have to a priority; I do feel that members should be able to write longer messages instead of chopping up long sentences or paragraphs.  I also suggested it in someone else’s thread that an Alliance announcement tab would be a nice addition to the chat to make it easier to announce a brief or descriptive message for Alliance members to be able to see and access easily.  These changes I feel will be implemented sometime during the game’s stardom because Flare is actually an active company that listens to fans unlike some bigger companies these days.

I would like to see a split screen. One for chat and one to see who is gettimg on and off line.

  • WHY can’t we copy and paste on the Chat???
  • add a beep for new Chat messages


but make it a sound we can turn on/off like music and effects, just in case it gets too annoying xD

I agree with your statements. At least the chat works fine and does its job correctly, but it’s too simple. I consider necessary to add the posibility to select text and also to go anywhere you want to delete mistakes.

  • we definitely need a built in translator asap!..

my alliance almost lost 1st place on Alliance War because one of our members (from Italy) didn’t understand he couldn’t leave the Alliance untill War Season was over! lol