Chat lagged and disabled

Hi all,

I cant chat in RR2 because the virtual keyboard doesnt show up at all when i tap the text box, or it appears after a minute or two, or just closes while I m texting…I ve been having this problem since I installed RR2 (months)…and I havent encountered this problem with any other game.

is it my mob or is RR2 chat bugged ??? 



hey, I also sometimes have the problem with the keyboard not showing up. Mostly during conquest.

I have to close the game and it s back.

Also have the keyboard that is hiding when texting but really not often

Yea me too, if you press enter button nothing apears…


Hey guys,

Thanks for reporting this. Could you please tell us what kind of devices you’re using (operating system + version)?

Iphone Xr under ios 12.1.1 I think…

But I had the problem also with my previous iphone 6s plus…