Chat or mail system ptp!!'

There is no way of communicating person to person, no alliance board, no personal chat. This game lacks communication, people are like faceless bots.

We demand communication, so capitans can give orders during a war, propose expectations to prospects who are willing to join.

The least you can do as it is in Royal Revolt. It SUCKS there, but it’s at least something.





I DEMAND something too,  but I forgot what it was. Anyways, this has been a requested feature for a long time, and I believe the devs had said that a future update will include improved communication, but it might be a little ways off in the future.

This is both important and, as dumpster mentioned, long anticipated feature indeed. Now, a thing to consider here (and this goes for all people demanding immediate solutions to their issues/implementations) is that this is a cross-platform game. I am not an expert in video games creation, but I believe the reasons for the wait are:

There isnt a way to simply slap a p2p communication system on top of the existing client structure, for Swift/Objective-C in particular and Apple in general do not follow the same procedures as languages used to code for PC/Android. Given the cross-platform nature of the app, there isnt a way to just make it for one platform, omitting the others, as it is both unfair and incompatible with a single server structure they have for the game. Not to mention the associated maintenance costs and logistics (separate mail servers), game rules/agreement modifications (Cntrl+V anything law related you may come up with here) and design (it isnt that simple to make both an appealing and utilitarian design).

Morgan and his crew can correct me if I am wrong in any of my judgments. I am not trying to claim this is impossible or unwanted, just suggesting that we may as well consider how it feels on the other end. They are actually listening and making changes after all, something certain developers are crap at.

Improving the communication system is high on our list, but it does indeed bring along many problems with it. That said, we definitely understand that this would be a great boon to the game, and we really want to bring you guys a better system.

Yes. It would bring some problems. Like insulting other team players esp at war. Or some ppl try to make allies at war for ganging an other ally. But at all i am ok with it. Need better private communication at least with team members… And a choice to “not allow message”  option must be added.