Chat Size

Make the chat box wider? By making the icons on the right more narrow or just change them to icons? Or instead of reading chat landscape, switch it to portrait. Not actually switching the app from landscape to portrait, just the way the messages appear. Could implement that in the settings/options for preferences. Thoughts?

Maybe it’s just me but … I don’t understand the pourpose of the new chat system at all …

What we asked in the past was either a global chat system or at least a way to privately message people. Even sort like the mailbox system, not even necessarily a real time chat.

What we got instead is a reworked ally chat system, that is now unreadable and clumsy, with a private officers chat … I swear I can’t recall anyone at all asking for an officer chat feature on the forums in months. Honestly, I don’t think anyone requested this thing, it has nothing to do with what was asked nor with what was needed :confused:

Imho instead than adding something to the game, for how it is now, it broke something. I’ve already read several players asking to please don’t even address them on chat any longer because they can’t even read what is being typed.

Why did they do this anyway ? I don’t get the pourpose.

No idea. I dont really have anything to ‘hide’ from the rest of my alliance. All of the war planning, alliance management, im comfortable with sharing with my veterans and foot soldiers. Maybe Ill discuss privately about individual members but thats probably it.


I would have definitely loved a pm system or ‘public chat’ implementation instead. I dont really mind having a secluded chat, but i really hate that it made the chat less readable. I think the chat was better the way it was before. I dont mind the colors, but ive seen one or two complaints about the color red for generals/founders.


Maybe in future updates, there will be a real reason to have a seperate chat from the general population. But right now, i see no need. 

The worst color is the blue for captains that is barely a shade off from the background color. It’s actually funny that’s its lasted this long. I think it’s a secret admission that the captain rank is stupid.