Chat system

Good morning all, is it possible to disable ( or put a switch in options ) the display of all the log in / off messages from in game global chat? 

They clutter the chat so much that it becomes unreadable.

Thanks :slight_smile:

ciao Artemus 

I would suggest that notifications about online/offline must be disabled and the only one notifications can be the regular conversations and strike notifications

I just find games that have a true global chat a lot more interesting. Sure it doesn’t add to game content, but would be good to brag/share ideas/strategies.  Flare games really miss it IMHO.

I find like in RR2 the online/offline help a lot when you are a general or Founder. You can see how time a player play and what he do. If he come only 2 minutes per day and don’t donate. I guess you can kick him out without hesitation. For the others like foot soldier i can understand there is no useful thing to see this. Trust me its something very useful in the game. Like in RR2 during War you really need to know if someone is online or not.

I play WWE Champions during Feud Faction Wars this kind of feature is very useful. You know who is online and exchange chat and strategies in real time. However I guess like in RR2 I suppose the majority don’t use the chat ingame but 3rd program chat like Discord or Messenger or else.So maybe explain why some don’t like the chat system

its not really a problem below 30 members. I guess maybe at 60+. I can understand when you see like 100 times ‘‘X’’ is offline ‘‘X’’ is online’’ ‘‘X’’ is offline’’ and so on…

I guess the best solutions is add a ON/OFF in settings