chat room could use some fixing.  this includes the alliance chat room as well.

problem with it  is that it is a pain to communicate with someone speaking another language and the chat room doesn’t have a copy & paste feature so to allow for translation of some foreign languages via google translate.

I have to manually type german while swapping back and forth between the game and google translate while making sure I got the words right.  its a pita!

dump the Germans and leave their mother tongue.
if you do not speak in a different language, or at least a few people - why do you have a bilingual alliance ???

Totally agree here @hanky1031. Although this has been suggested many times before, this is still a much needed feature in the game, along with more lines of alliance chat

I didn’t know it was a bilingual alliance  that I was invited into until recently.   The chat room wasn’t used very much in the Doesburg alliance until very recently like about a month ago.

but you’re right about leaving them.  I’m considering doing that after the conquest season.