Cheap War Tactics- Opinion

Greetings everyone, haven’t really posted anything in awhile and don’t know whether this be off-topic or more so Alliance related but I and so have my fellow Alliance members and comrades of United We Stand have found it sad and dishonorable of rival and enemy Alliances that have to resort to recruiting Our members when they are at a loss.  Not surprisingly none of Our loyal and valued members have defected but has anyone else seen this happening and believe it to be cheap and a dishonorable way to win a war.  And before I receive some flame or heat for my opinion because yes I do realize that war is war; was is dirty, guerilla style, brain vs. man, mind over matter, intense strategy, etc. etc. but this game I and other consider to be one of honor and dignity to win, not low blow tactics to recruit and win.  Let me know your opinions and whether anyone else has experienced or themselves done this.  Alliance wars is fun and I feel can be and will be improved by the diligent Flare team and staff so keep rolling out the great additions and fun.  Have a good day/night to everyone and fight on for glory, honor, and for victory!  United We Stand will see you on the battlefields, ready and confident as One.

We recruit someone from Turk Gucu yesterday while we were at war against them but it was on the player’s own request :slight_smile:


Turned to be a good recruit too but yeah snatching members like that is very cheap tactic , you lost skulls while they can ask the betrayer to gain skulls again but for them instead

Right, it is fine when it’s at player’s request but not when the Leaders or Generals is literally inviting the stronger half of Our Alliances, it was already dishonorable enough for Alliance hoppers and people recruiting from Alliances a few digits ahead of a rival before the Wars but this is beneath the definition of low, thankfully none of even the other Alliances have defected to the inviters since I won’t dishonor or shame their name on here without consent of the leader.

would it be dishonorable if we recruit people from an alliance who has lots of inactive members and only 4 attacking in the war?

because I want to help them help me, lol. though I want to save them from an alliance who seems to be dying off T_T(tear)

^ I’m in the same situation. Completely decimated a weaker alliance. We’re about 2nd best, they’re about 5th best. I want to invite their actives to me so that, together, we can be 1st.

But weaker alliance poaching stronger alliance? Yeah that just pulls you both down.

It’s fine if you’re legitimately trying to help members out and not do it to win but in the case of doing it to now win.  Because 2 Alliances are under Us with 1 or 2 less Fiefdoms than Our 5 Fiefdoms and they are trying to recruit Our members originally when they were ahead and even now to win as well.

It’s really weird that you can’t send proper messages ingame.

Is this something that will be implemented soon?


The ally-chat is already modest, but why is communication in general that

restricted in RR2?

I think during war season no one should be able to jump ship.

After war it’s fine if we have a cooling off period

Because then people would coordinate.


"Hey, we both suck! :wink:

^ That would happen.

I think the next implementation for the Alliance Wars will be “Mercenary” like a red from someone, you buy people to fight for you with a kind of subscription; probably will have more cons that pros…  :stuck_out_tongue:

Swipping alliances in the middle of a war is a treason. It shows the real nature of this person.  I don’t think you will like this member to stay with you in the next war. He cannot ever be trusted. Next time, if you fight against a much stronger alliance - he will betray you too.

 I believe that a leader filling his alliance with traitors is making a huge mistake for a long time run.


Fleeing from a falling-apart alliance (during the war or not), is a completely different matter. In Marsipia , if we got free place, we try to recruit members from falling alliances too. If they are half empty or half inactive, there is no reason for good players to continue staying there.


Anyway, falling apart alliances - are a sign of bad Leadership. Bad management, or erratical recruitment, the same. A true leader can save and hold his alliance even in the worst crisis.


Always on the watch,