cheaper forge

During events (defensive, offensive) could be -20% of the forging unit, spell, building …?
This could be full event :slight_smile:
… And of course reduced the time :grinning:

I love this Idea! +1

I think it would fit better with the blacksmith event. Offensive and Defensive events already take enough gems, time and gold. Blacksmith has increased pearls and  better odds on forging. Add a 2day max per troops would be a nice feature.

Gems, who spend gems & how? :huh:

Forges are really expensive for free players, we’ll get better value from the event.

…I was thinking more in the direction of:
full event offensive / defensive…
…more logically fit than blacksmith  :grinning:

What is this “free players” you speak of? :slight_smile:

Adding it to the blacksmith event would make more sense .You should have more pearls and better rerolls l then.


In defensive and offensive  gold is a big problem. Taking some away to melt down equipment is not something I want to do. Pearls are what you get on blacksmith.Rerolls already have better odds. Why not have a both 20% off and 2 day max on troops and towers this event?

hey guys !!!
Stop arguing !!! It’s just an idea, and also a question for Alysea.
Moreover its a very good idea.

Not arguing Abrada, just have a general discussion about it :wink:

It will be to easy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
in the ednd U have to try :stuck_out_tongue: :lol:

sorry… overrection :grinning:



but I think its a good solution.

Now wil wait untill Alysea see it, and think about it :slight_smile:

Thanks Abrada, but if William solution go thru


…i will also be Happy :wink:

Don`t be pussy :grinning:  
Fight for yours! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think they should add that in both :wink:  

Blacksmith as well as in offense/defense.

Anyway, we aren’t arguing we want the community to benefit.

I honestly dont care about the forge cost, I just want blacksmith event to be on all the time 24/7 , 365 days a year.


Do not make this topic a cabaret, because it’s really a good idea. Please

Abrada, you “overreacted” again

and whit this


Anyway, its only like KK wrote


I read through it and will talk with the team about it :slight_smile:

As you keep on adding events the original one takes a back seat. Then the offensive/defensive events will further get delayed. I guess it’s better to mix few of them. The forging event could be mixed with blacksmith as it will go well with it.


And talk about the medals issue too please.I pity those who only see 34 medals from even the top 500 bases.Their medals are messed up for 10 to 20 levels.