Cheaper Nemesis Pal!

I think Nemesis Pal should be cheaper. I think, it is the worst pal for this price. 150,000 pro crystals for such a useless pal. 3,750,000 pro crystals for such a ***** beast that dies easily. I prefer, do not buy this pal and help your alliance by donating Phoebe’s instead of Nemesis. Make it more stronger like 20% more with more bombs or make it cheaper at about 25k.

I like the original idea from @Jesper more


Why do you propose to lower the price, but do not want to participate in the discussion about the possible improvement of nemesis pal?

I’m against!

Let the price remain the same. Today this is my main pal and I like him and I do not regret that I spent 150 thousand crystals. And I do not want someone to get it now cheaper, it will not be fair

I invite you to get acquainted with the gameplay  Nemesis, if you have any difficulties


Hello, we don’t want to make Nemesis Pal cheaper, rather make it worth it’s the price being end-game content and something to look forward to. We have already buffed it, but the thread is still open on which you can still give feedback. Thank you Invizzible for sharing the link.

Moving this to non-feasible.

my idea was another Madlen, the first personal nemesis is to cost further 150k crystals. All next are for the Alliance, they should be cheaper. As far as I know it has only one alliance with nemesis as a defensive beast. And that’s just because of the offers with nemesis to buy. You need Nemesis 25x (150k yours + 150k for the Allianz Beast) thats too much. in sum 7.5 million crystals for the level 1 Alliance Beast … I don’t think that more alliances try to get the offensive beast.