Cheaters / Hackers

Hey guys, today i just wanted to share with you all a player that i believe to be a cheater in the game. We have been battling for the #1 spot in the Diamond League Tournament, i have been monitoring his moves and it seems he is gaining over 200+ medals every other minute i check non-stop and as of this moment in the tournament he has around 16,285 medals and growing with 5 hours left, His account was gaining medals all last night till this morning and even as i write this now his medals grow. I am finding it impossible to keep up with out having to spend an enormous amount of gems. The funny thing about this is that if you click on his account which shows his base layout it is a really low level base at 1,475 trophies , the stats show that if i attack his base i will receive 230,000 gold + 2 trophies and 0 medals ! The statistics just don’t make any sense at this level at any given time he has over 100,000 k in gold but never any medals when being attacked, he then farms medals at an alarming rate. I highly doubt that this player is actually spending real money in the game to do what he does or else he would have already spent hundreds of dollars, his base level would definitely not have a farm capable of producing enough bread to continually attack at a constant rate as he does now, other than that the only other option would be he’s auto farming medals. In conclusion i call cheater on this one. Flare should really start looking in to their system more carefully to monitor for cheaters in the game, i find it highly unfair to all the honest players who put in tons of time in to playing and even others who actually spend some money on this game just to be out beat or out ranked by some cheater behind a desk using auto-pilot. :unsure:


Just thought i’d share some thoughts.



Nah , I think hes just using the free food features and raiding non stop also hes staying low to farm medals

ok its possible that he is cheating by this being his 2nd or 3rd account and is attacking his main account that he has set up to give him the most medals with the least time per battle. its sad but people have done it


is main account would probably be close to my kings level of 80 so the medals a lvl 10-20 would earn are steep

in grepo we called them gold clug players cause they spent ALOT of money to speed upgrades and win battles. and I sure wish the moderators would address the multiple account issue it seem unfair to players that are playing to conciousely advance.i like the fight

management…FIGURE IT OUIT!!!

hacking is uncool, bro. it is for the slightly unfortunate people who dont have the brains for doing good in a game.

those people have other problems and are projecting them onto the game. they suck and the mods. should have a system to find and ban them as other games do. but im sure R R three will be wayyyyyyyy better. cant wait.

When did this happen to you? I’m asking this because I once made around 15,000 Medals in the Diamond League. And if that is me then, I DON’T CHEAT OR HACK. I play on a Windows 8 PC (No Free Food). I had a lot of gems, and I was quite obsessed with winning the Diamond League. Again, I AM NOT A CHEATER.

i made 24000 medals in the silver league, a week after i had started playing RR2. that’s 24k in 1 day. i used free food feature; fought like 115 battles; spent about 60 gems for bread besides. this was because someone was keeping up with me all the way up to 22k medals  :slightly_frowning_face:

22k medals in silver league? :open_mouth:

That amount is enough to win some weak diamond leagues!

anyone know this guy? level 76 but very strong :slight_smile:

This player got 100% of my base a lot of times…I checked his/her stat and it is not so high (attack, L and HP). I was and I am wondering how is it possible to win against strong bases…


MisterE, I often try my base staying with my troops or not, with archers-cannons-pyros as faxxat and so on but without scrolls I’ve never got more than 50-60% and I have a stat higher than his/her…


So, I am wondering to understand how he/she can…

with careful choices of when to call troops, i have been able to beat others’ bases using a much smaller king.


could you attach a screenshot of your defenses and of Faxxat’s king? then i might be able to tell you how he manages to defeat your defenses…

I really don’t understand why these hacked accounts give themselves away by clearing top 10 bases with hammerstrikes / paladins or something that’s not even slightly believable. If you are going to cheat at least do it properly.


While this thread is generally about in game hackers. Has anyone heard of accounts that have hacked stats but are used from the defensive side. I have attACKED whooa caps lock…a few bases in over the weeks and it seemed like this 1 guy his paladins seemed to stay around for a long time. Usually I can just clear them pretty easy with a bladestorm and I’m pretty sure everyone has max paladins at my level by now, so I know what a max paladin feels like when I’m slaughtering them.


With that been said Imagine we started seeing slight increases of defence hacks, like 5%  you would probably not notice the difference. Because you would get to the castle gate and nearly get it down, but just consider it a standard fail, (or just use a scroll )  They could be used as gem producing accounts also.



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I think you’re right mister e. I think the less info they have the better, so I decided to edit the post, I hope you do the same.


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