Cheaters in pro

Flare can You finally do sth with cheaters in pro ? A lot of people (playing fairly) do not received deserving rewards. for example - i’m on 101 place in rank and you give me only 2 chests (some cheaters are over me and i cant get 3 chests). @FTB @Nikko @flaretara @KKStar?

From mid-November, rewards are improved in your rank (see here).

But cheatears still plays… Unfair when a lot of people playing clearly (not hacking)…

Why you think they are cheaters?

Some time ago flare banned ‘cheaters’ accounts. Now still You can see a lot of low levels players in the top ranking in pro. I know they can play good but i wont believe that everyone plays fair. I would give my both hands for it. You know it too, impossible to play so good by some players.

Check out this topic.


They were banned because they shared accounts (it’s a violation of “terms of service”). Moreover it’s forbidden to have multiple accounts.

The scores are much lower this pro league week since they closed the exploit that previously allowed cheaters to replay levels indefinitely.


It is also lower because they have made the last levels harder, this was done due to last pro league where too many players finished 1st place.

Got top 50 this time only because they couldn’t cheat this time.