Cheating by Flaregames in the name of Uber Chest

I want to bring to attention the cheating by FG in the name of uber chest and a possible solution.

when FG decides to give UBER CHEST, they require to fill friendscode, which in my view is difficult. You may do many kinds of tricks, but in the end big daddy (Google), stops you making alternative account. Then you decide to take the 50% reduction offer, and what you get is completely useless item and perks.

if FG can give each player individualised game codes, why can’t the chest contain players need based perks. I mean if I have a slowdown perk, which I forged and made it good, why in world will I want an item with knight on it. It would have been good if the game recognised my need and gave me a higher version of the same perk. That would have done justice to the 300 gems that I spent. 

It doesn’t work like that. You must spend more to get a good item. I am from Flare Games and I need more money. Please spend a little more. Please… please… please…

Don’t you see, we’ve got so cool updates for you.  :wink:  We’ve tied up with VL and only those guys are running this game with their money. You are the least we care about.

Lol, can see a deeper picture of the greed that FG is venturing into. This not whining or complaining. We are trying to put solutions too. Probably others can put their thoughts, on ways to increase the utility of uber chests especially when you purchase them. Since we love the game we will continue to play, only thing is there will a saturation at some point and the game will become passive. 

Not much to whine and complain,just remember this company names,never pay a dime on this company games.have u guys heard before this company name GAMELOFT,I avoid their games,can’t progress without paying.

I opened a free uber chest today. It contained no uber items. Instead I got some epic and legendary items, 50 pearls and 90 gems. 

To be honest I prefer GAMELOFT than Flaregames. Their game have less pay to win feature. If you take Order and Chaos Duels you can easily get free card each 24 hours,each fight gain you gold and you can buy new cards,If it was Flaregames maybe just have 1 or 2 hero and if you want more unlock them with magic stone,etc… but its not the case with GAMELOFT you can unlock 5,6 or 7 hero with Gold. Some opponent give you magic stone and if you keep them you can buy a booster pack of 12 card.

GAMELOFT are maybe 80% Free and 20% Pay to Win. Flaregames its 80% Pay to Win and 20% Free big difference

Actually I play maybe with I don’t know 4 or 5 games of GAMELOFT and I have no problem with them

Please elaborate on how you get that numbers. Don’t just write some imaginary numbers with “maybe” excuses. All games that worth playing are pay to win.

FG can easily put videos to see to open Uber perks instead of the Voucher Bazaar mayhem, which is basically spamming left right to get somebody to insert the code. 

Once you do that what you get… is best left unsaid. 


Simple Gameloft game all is unlockable with quest and gameplay you just need to buy gems if you want to accelerate your gaming without that no need to spend a dollars in their game if you take your time. that why I say maybe around 80% of their game have free feature and 20% pay to win feature.You don’t need to spend money to progress in game 

Flaregames its the inverse. You want huge amount of pearls you need to buy pack of gems to unlock all melting slots. Its impossible in Free mode or you need to play 2 year or 3 year. Alliance Tower the same impossible to have max or you need 3 year of gaming with a ton of winnning in league. Uber Chest you need to buy gems to have Uber Gears good one. War Season top alliance need to waste their gems in COF,if you want 10 worker or more you need to spend money to buy them,etc… the game its like 80% pay to win feature and 20% Free feature and I am generous when I said 20% maybe 10% without gems you cannot do anything

Yes, games should be equal to all, but those who are willing to play can take the lead. Paying for uber chest

(spending gems if you cannot get friendcode cashed) is ridiculous. 

FG does many things to improve but few negative steps are enough to bring it back to where it started. 


i have spamed my friencode to open this one . on facebook group, facebook fans pages, and fcswap… everytime code changed, i spam again my code. and i got nothing. htnen i creat a dummy account   … and here it is. and sadly. no usable item inside and no unique item.



This new turn by FG will only create more fake accounts and illegality in the game. If FG IS OK with it then we cannot do anything, just let the chest go. We cannot stoop down to that level and destroy our image by spamming our friends. 

Just watched the video of Flotthaboss. Amazing that he throws away legendary items just without even watching. even some of the uber items where we can just dream of are sold.

It only comfirms my feeling. I was very fortunate with my free uber chest, in 20 chests he got only a few double troop perks (gargoyle twice, who needs that?) and I personally would not exchange my perk for any of those. It only comfirms that pay 2 win is becoming more standard and skill who needs it. 

FG seriously needs to think twice, thrice… But are they willing?

best way is to develop a habit of letting these chests go.


yeah. jut let it go  :rolleyes:. we can fill all blacksmith slot with items fron CoF  :rolleyes:. anyway. Roayal Revolt 2 already full with lotto. magic chest, blacksmith, CoF, Daily game Chest, even grany also become a lotto. we will not get anything else without paying and luck. and from RR2 i only like riding gameplay. other things are worse  :wacko:

I couldn’t believe my eyes, too, when i saw him selling legendary items without even looking at them.
That’s the difference between heavy spenders and free players :lol:

I have more concern about my uber chest gone missing and traded for gold without me knowing it


I open a chest halfway, go offline and the remaining gears are now gold without me even knowing what gears I got -.-’ this happened to 3 uber chest of mine wtf ? 

That happen to all kind of chest if you not take all item and shut down the game . I report and posted a topic in bug and tact issue long time ago and it was completely ignored so i though everybody have known and agree to live with it ,LoL .

Well for other chest I dont mind but not my uber chest that I bought with gems !!

How are those different to what flare did/doing ? You never have to spend even a dollar if you take your time in RR2, and only buy gems if you want to accelerate things. And you never have to spend even a cent to progress if you play at your own pace. If you use top players as your short term benchmark, then it’s your own choice, and you have to pay for it.

Most top players you see out there are already playing for longer than a year (that is also one of the reason why new players can’t play catch up with those top players, because every year there are 1-2 big updates, which push the long time players even further), unless they spend massive amount of gems, and i also know for sure some of them never buy gems (i hope 3 could be considered as some, unfortunately i don’t have too many in game friends). So to summarize, gameloft is no better than flare, there are no 80-20 on one side and 20-80 on other side,  both are money sucking machine for competitive players.