Cheating in pro league

Hounrable players and game creaters we all know whats a pro league…its is a battle to see who is the best…some players are using cheat engine to clear all level…i will name a guy pls take action against him he is cheating for mny pro league his name in the game is ANUBHAV rank 1 in pro league…


Yes. Even the top players can’t clear the 11 and level 12.
So, how can 54 level players clear 11, 12 level?
FLARE, what are you doing?


yeah, you may be right but flare must investigate and compare the data before taking action!
Send ticket customer support because I am not sure whether or not the developers will receive that report as there is no cm(moderator) since Mrs. Madlen is gone…

Notice: tag this in bug and technical problem and use customer support


Just wait till the end of pl… and then we will see if he remains

Flare pls banned…them…and share the rewards among all players…all should get an extra pro chest

he has already won #1 in previous cup as well and FG did nothing… Look, he already has gold crown, which means he cheated before as well and didnt get caught…

I know that…what the hell are they doing…if we use 2 ACC’s we get caught…but I don’t understand what’s harm in that…we are not cheating…just having 2 ACC’s
.that’s why many players don’t join

2 accounts is against ToS, and it’s not fair for others.

Several ways to use alternate accounts for an unfair advantage in this game, and like Alumbri said it’s their rules.

Side note: A lot I don’t like about pro, shackling players playstyles to only a few options (removing large parts of the experience and tactics), giving grossly underpowered stuff with terrible setups and forges (just give decent stuff or let us build something, and make everything max and full boosted we’re facing, people will fail that way), creating scenarios a lot is up to chance (which units get trapped in an animation or motion/ what ability decides it’s going to work when etc.). Not to mention all screen sizes and controller types that no doubt change these parameters. Giving everyone the same attempt amount isn’t one of them.