Cheating in War season


My alliance has 17 members and 15% gold bonus. The war season started, and we are facing opponents with 22 members and up to 27% gold bonus. They are much too strong for us. We do not stand a single chance.

They kick members before the war season starts and after start all previously kicked members rejoin. Do you call this fair? Flaregames could well have predicted this behaviour.

War season could be fun, but not with the algorythms they now use to assemble fight groups. This is complete bullshit now. It is totally demotivating to the point of stopping to play this game.

If this issue is not adressed fast, a lot of people, including me, will quit.

It just means that they are pretty noob (having less land than average) and that your alliance is pretty good (having more land than average)

What do you mean by land?

Do you mean more options to attack opponents?


I have had 0 time to keep up with the forums since the last war.

No, they are not noob. My alliance is ranked 1700 or so, while the cheating ones are ranked from 200 - 400. Please read and understand before posting.

They exclude members to have a low gold bonus before war starts, and after the war starts, all members rejoin.






Which Alliances will be matched against each other?




Stronger Alliances will be matched against other stronger ones. The relative strength of an Alliance is determined by the total number of Fiefdoms it owns." 


It’s working as intended, matching alliances by pieces of land(aka Fiefdoms) they own.


source :


“Opponents are initially paired based on their amount of trophies. Later, the number of territories they were able to conquer will influence their pairing.”  :grinning:  


Kicking members before the War Season, should not affect the pairing. 


Check how many fiefdoms(territories) they have

Am I the only one to call those hexagon tiles as lands?

Complete bullshit. I know when something is fishy.

My alliance: deathdead, 17 members, 15% gold bonus, rank 1211


Direct two neighbours:

INDIA ONE ALLIANCE, 22 members, 22% gold bonus, rank 507

Mousquetaires, 24 members, 27% gold bonus, rank 259


Another alliance in same battlegroup:

Digital Tactics, 28 members, 25% gold bonus, rank 314


Dont tell me any kind of shit no more. This is everything but balanced. We do not stand ANY kind of chance. Our strongest player is equal to their weakest. They ARE cheating!

I have a similar problem right now as well.  We were ranked 140 and we are paired with alliances that rank 37 and 40.  They all have 10 more members than we do and we are getting killed right now.  I know that alliances are paired with other alliances that have the same number of fiefdoms, but why weren’t we paired with the same alliance that we had in the last season that ended with the same number as we did?  The two of us were at least similar ranked.  These new alliances are all much stronger and every one of my members is struggling to win 1 raid, let alone 3!  My issue isn’t with the pairing based on fiefdoms, it is the second pairing - meaning why aren’t alliances with the same number of fiefdoms paired against equally match opponents?  I’m am struggling to understand this point.

Same thing happens to my alliance. We won all out matches last time, now we are paired with much higher rank opponents.

I was hoping the war would go at least one or two more round with the same map, sort of like last team standing.

This has nothing to do with any winning of war in last season. The last season we were on the 6., the last place also…

I will no longer fight any war opponents, as this is pointless. We keep loosing anyway.

Makes no sense to fight a battle you can not win.

Here are some ranking numbers to go with my rant:

Asguard Annihilation 10 members Rank 10k

Opponent 1 15 members rank 1,200

Opponent 2 18 members rank 2,800

Opponent 3 24 members rank 943

How the heck do we compete with that?

You can’t. That’s what I keep saying all the time.

This is not balanced at all. This is pure cheating.

And I think its intentional by these “competent” flaregame managers.

Will not pay a single cent for this game