This is not possible. I change 2 times the perk in my helmet and then the same thing comes. Flare I know that you have to earn money but this is cheating. In germany we call it “Geldgeil”. Dont know the word in englisch. Couldnt you make us happy from time to time without to want gems, pearls and money? No, you couldnt. You think 24 hours how you can make a new update to get more from us.

Flare is a German company.

And it happens again with 2 other gears

Think flares understand “Geldgeil” very well…


What they cannot understand is that the players should be treated as customers and not as cash-milking suckers.

I think blacksmhjt is a great feture .Thank you flare creative team . In our place we called it “như lờ ồn”

It is a phenomenal feature brother but way, way overpriced.

Yes bro, the idea of Blacksmith is great, but the execution is more then bad for us.


We already pay such a long time so much Money that we no longer notice how much we pay currently. And if we report a problem, then they give us a standard answer from their written work instructions. And if they somewhere correct a mistake, they take it twice where else. No other game do that so extreme like flare,


I have great friends and great opponents in the game. this is the reason why I still play.

Improvements of blacksmith are way overpriced and not really improving anything. The improvement should be at least 10 to 20 times higher to make any noticable difference.


I will give a few examples and what the minimum improvement should be

  • 0,1% gold boost -> 1-2%
  • 0,2% wind boost -> 1-2%
  • Ice/fire damage/protection 5-6 points -> 100-200 points
  • … you name it

We pay enough pearls for those improvements and even hope that our casino man, blacksmith doesn’t fail to improve an item. At the moment the only reason why we upgrade legendary items is that we hope to get an uber perk that really is worth gambling. The actual situation is just abnormal


To raise some questions. Why:

  • improvements are so minimal after a succesful blacksmith forge?
    • It’s a fact we almost notice any difference, just because the improved stats are too low to call it an improvement. If granny offered me an item with such a low improvement, I would just decline. No hair on my head is considering buying it.
    • If it was related with upgrades of the blacksmith shop, it would still be understandable. upgrade the shop to max and get better forges. But nope, upgrading the shop only has impact on pearls. That brings us to the next question.
  • upgrading the blacksmith shop isn’t improving the upgrades?
    • Now only the meltdown time of pearls goes down with 3 minutes? Who needs that anyway, we are not online 24/7 and can easily start melting down items before we go to sleep.
    • I can understand that as long as the blacksmith shop isn’t upgraded a lot the improvements are not good, but when every upgrade improves the forges some more  it would be worth upgrading the blacksmith shop if so
  • on earth anybody would even consider to upgrade a non legendary item
    • for the minimal and ignorable improvement this would be just wasting pearls. So only if improvements are great it would be worth considering
  • we even have to pay gold for melting down items?
    • When we sell items we get 10% of what the item is worth in gold back. We already lose that 10%, so why we even have to waste extra gold?
  • chance of success drops a lot after every successful upgrade?
    • Leave the chance of success the same. It would be better if there was a max on improving a perk. Just limit the improvements to 4 or 5 improvements per main stat, main perk and uber perk.
  • prices at granny are increased a lot?
    • Even the most worthless items in grannies shop did increase a lot in price. Are you worried we buy cheap items for meltdown purposes to get the pearls instead of buying gems?
  • most uber perks are totally useless?
    • For spell and troop uber perks the additional strength or health is just too low to notice any difference. You need to have at least two perks to stack the improvements to notice any difference.
    • For most other uber perks also the initial value is way too low to notice any difference. Also here we need at least two uber items to notice any difference. Take for example heal, I got one increasing my health with 40 life points during attack. I have over 14k health, this low value of 40 is not going to change any outcome of a battle and certainly will almost never be the difference between surviving as king or dying.
    • I also admit that one of the perks I have is indeed worth the pearls, for me it was a farmer perk. I understand that it will be worthless for others maybe, but for me it saves a lot of food every attack. That brings me to the next question.
  • players should consider buying an item with better main stat and first perk?
    • Even when granny offers me a much better item, I don’t want to lose great uber perks. For example my helmet has farm perk. I would never consider to buy another helmer with better stats. Chance of getting same perk is minimal, so I would not take the risk and consider it wasting gold or gems (and pearls for trying to get same perk).
    • If there was a feature added, I would reconsider. When an item of same type already has an uber perk, it would be great if we get an additional option. just before the item can be forged to uber perk, a “?” sign is displayed. Give us there the option to chose. I would like to have the option to select either random or pick the uber perk that is already on another item of the same type (in my case helmet). In my example I would consider buying a helmet with better stats, if I know I can get same perk on the new helmet. I don’t want to lose the uber perk. If that option would be available, I would buy items at grannies for types with great perks on it already.
  • we need to pay gems to remove unwanted perks and need to do another upgrade to get another one and we most times get same perk?
    • Why isn’t there a cooldown like we have on a lot of features?
    • Even when we pay for removing the perk, we still need to upgrade one more time with reduced chances and risk to get the same perk. The player removed the perk which means he doesn’t want that perk. the player should at least never get that perk on that particular item, since he paid for it to get another type of perk.
    • I also did remove a perk that I didn’t want once. I noticed that when you disconnect and reconnect then you increase the chance of getting another perk.

Thanks Paladin.


You described it very well. But Flare knows all of that. They are not silly. They make everything knowingly. And these are not programming Errors. But we cant do anything, when we want to continue to play.


I do not mind to pay for a thing. And sometimes a lot. But here you pay and you get very often jnothing for your real Money.Thats it what is really bad.


They have no conscience to pull the money from really young people out of their pockets. Luckiliy I have no financial problems, but get ripped off, I do not want too. 

The game is totally out of balance now. We do understand that Flare is a business and needs cash to survive. However gameplay should be in balance between nice features and money spending/generating policy. 


Latest new versions seem to lean to the pay2win side and the game experience is going very fast downwards. A minor improvement is introduced, but it seems to be more important to generate cash than to improve gameplay experience. There is always a gem spending catch to make players spend more and more gems.


Take the skull reward as an example. First succesful opened chest contains the skull reward during war raids. Why this skull reward isn’t immediately rewarded for a successful raid? If you had the intention to reward us for attacking the strongest players, giving us the reward immediately would suffice. Why add it to first opened chest? Just out of greed and money earning principles is the only trustworthy answer, any other answer I would see as a direct insult to the players. Fact is that first opened chest not always is correct one and you try to force us waste gems to get that skull reward. 


The last feature Blacksmith could have been fantastic, but current mechanism is no more than some kind of joke. Most uber perks are a waste of pearls, improvements are minimal, but I give you some credits that a few perks are really great.


Let me describe an absurd fake situation in a casino (this situation just doesn’t exist, to make things clear) where you want to play roulette. And suddenly the casino adds extra rules:

  1. You need to spend cash (pearls) for spinning the wheel of fortune. If you are lucky your reward is step 2 (and a very small improvement of the item, to ease our conscience), otherwhise try step 1 again. Either way, the cash is ours.
  2. You need to spend even more cash (pearls) for spinning another wheel of fortune with reduced chances. If you are fortunate your reward is step 3 (and to ease our conscience a very small improvement of the item), otherwhise try step 2 again. Either way, the cash is ours.
  3. Spend even more cash (pearls) for spinning another wheel with even more reduced chances. If you are fortunate, you are allowed to play roulette. Chance that you win a great price is minimal, since most rewards there are useless (for not feeling bad we give you a random uber perk, but most of them make not a lot of difference). If you lose, try step 3 again. The cash is ours, win or lose doesn’t matter
  4. If you don’t like the outcome on the roulette table, you have two options, pay a lot of cash (remove the perk you don’t want) to go back to a wheel of fortune with an even lower win chance and go back to step 3. Or just start all over again (and sell that item)

I would scratch behind my ears and not even think on playing that game on the casino. That casino would go bankrupt in no time, since nobody would be interested in playing there. And exactly that is what we as players get. Blacksmith follows exactly that principle. We as players realise it, but still hope to be fortunate that we are lucky to get a great uberperk. And that’s what the person who invented this cash demanding feature is hoping for. That’s just embarassing, if I was the responsible person who came up with this, I would feel deeply ashamed.