hey FG

how can some payers get extra chest of coins in cof 

u can look here

please report those players who hack their game


Again? This happend last season aswell lol Good they see they fixed it.

It’s probably a bug where the CoF coins where counted twice. I’m at the same league level and you get 1300 coins per CoF.

But it’s the kind of bug that will penalized a lot of players. All of those that got perfect 315000 will be pissed to get the second place prize.

Last time Flare fixed it after reports on forum. Not sure about today, 2 hrs left, if no one sees it there is a probability that this guy will be the only one to get 1st prize.

Yup, probably. Thats why I did a screenshot of my league, just in case someone gets over the max coins.

And its either a bug or an idiot. I mean, if I were to cheat, I wouldn’t give myself more than the max coins.

I can’t even think of a way to cheat coins in ninja event to be honest. I believe it is some kind of bug, a random one which happens on certain conditions. I remember quite a few players had more coins than they were supposed to last time. Anyway, hope maybe Alysea will see this soon enough and will inform Flare to take care of it before the event ends. If not then I guess customer service will receive a lot of tickets :wink:

In the last event I had a similar situation and frankly, I don`t know when I “get” the extra coins…

Maybe they tapped the first chest twice before it opened. :stuck_out_tongue: