Check assigned bonuses


this alliance has the wrong bonuses, was demoted and returned to the League of Titans, instead of the Heroes.

I could be wrong but I think it was intended this way, as before they would return ‘unprepared’ to a higher league with none of the leagues blessings. Now they have the best blessings from the league they came from and the basic TL blessing. I don’t personally see the problem. Better more than less, especially as they were ‘forced’ up against their will.

Sorry @Artemus I realise you addressed Capt M, wasn’t trolling you m8.

I think it’s a mistake - whoever goes up in the league during the season has no bonuses of the next league

It used to be that way; but I’m sure they made the changes purposely as to give the ‘weaker’ alliance coming up a fighting chance.
Consider they would in theory be the best placed alliance from the 2nd league and on paper the best alliance from the div below would win all blessings before entering TL. If you consider that point it actually makes sense IMO.

They gave us those bonuses back after the season started. We had no Titan bonuses for the first war and got those back for the second war. It’s an odd situation when you get pushed up a league

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I understand the problem of going up in the league (as can happen in all leagues) – I don’t understand why you have excess bonuses.

When an Alliance is auto-promoted, it is now the case that we treat them as if they came first in their previous season. The reason for this is that Alliances can normally only be promoted (particularly to the Titan League) by winning the previous Season. Alliances which are auto-promoted are often unprepared to be in a harder League and will not have gained other bonuses such as additional Gems and Chests, they only gain the Blessings.

All Alliances which get promoted (either by winning, or by being auto-promoted), gain all the Blessings of the League they move to. Alliances which come first in their League gain an additional 3 Blessings. All of this is to give them a fighting chance in the League they are moving to.


The full gem amount was not granted. If that is intended to be included in the new policy, have a check at that piece of code. The Blessings were properly applied after the first war of the season.

It is correct that the Gems are not granted. They are only given to Alliances which have actually fought to win their League, not Alliances which are auto-promoted because another Alliance disbands. We gave your Alliance some compensation for the problems you had, as you ran into a bug which we are currently fixing, which only occurs when you are auto-promoted directly at the beginning of a Season.