Check for cheating on top ten Pro League scores every Pro Event

The Pro League cheaters aren’t doing obviously cheating scores anymore, but they are still there. Maybe checking the top 10 scores in Pro League for cheating every week could help slowly eliminate the ones that are still doing it?

It’s easy to spot them:

  1. low levels (for sure under lvl70 and likely even up to lvl90) in the top 100;

  2. any account that dedicates most of the 35 minutes on the last 3 stages. 


These are 2 pretty obvious red flags. Flare should check for these every week. 

A couple weeks of this would be enough to clean the pro league. 

Hi there,

Thanks for the feedback. While for obvious reasons I will not go into details, what we are doing as cheat protection but you can be assured, that we have internal measures in place. It is very important for us to provide an enjoyable experience for every honest player.

Do not see problem with multiaccing even if i never had more then 1?

a lot of cheats are still here

this toxic mode as example. More then year here)

What toxic mode?


I sat current (venom cup) out. All these events and festivals… feeling swamped. 

But my clan mates tell me the top player in venom cup right now, is a level 54 INACTIVE player?! Did cheater get kicked but not removed from ranks?!

yeah… I’m not spending real money buying tix just to get cheated…


Yup, there are too many cheaters in this cup! 

Really? I thought there were ONLY 4

Budum-tss lol

Actually, I think 4 out of 10 is many for me ald, almost half… and they are too obvious! Level 31 can enter top 10, unbelievable. Is flaregames check every week cup? Hopefully they do and do it well. I play PL every week and hope that I can be top 10 one day. But I definitely don’t wish that when I am in top 10 and the player above me is cheater. NO ONE LIKE CHEATER! if the situation carry on like this, ppl will bring this feeling towards the game.

No worry, FG do something against cheaters. They even punish innocent guys : my wife and I are banned for 1 month because we’ve done the PL on the same computer, and I finish in the top 100 (far, far away from top 10… I only was 3 times in top 100). We both have only one account, we even pay gems to buy tickets, no secondary account to give pro-tickets… It’s easy to see that we are two different persons : between us, defense, troops, pals, everything is different, because we have our own way to play. 

So beware : you cannot anymore play on the same device if you reach top 100. If you are weaker, no problem. 

You have your answer to why you were banned right there in your very own post! You aren’t allowed to play with multiple accounts on the same device. To be clear, you shouldn’t even have multiple accounts on different devices, but that’s beside the point. I suggest that you read the ToS so that you can get a full understanding on what you can and can’t do in the game

You’re right that “you” (an individual person) should not have multiple accounts. Nowhere in ToS is a restriction about devices. Multiple persons are allowed to play on different accounts on one device by ToS. The ToS is very clear in that it does not mention a device at all. It’s just a limitation per person. (ToS:, as it is at the time of this writing.)

However, the ToS is created in a sprit that Flaregames can basically do everything (e.g., ban or terminate accounts, change things) without any reason or without any obligation to provide a reason or even proof.

The current pro-league, the one-man-army cup also have a cheater on top. Give it a view.

That’s it, Thomas. Thanks for your answer to Awesomest Knightest… I read the ToS when FG ban us. And I found that I’ve done nothing wrong. I contacted FG by mail, and their answer was : banned for multiple accounts. Not for 2 accounts on 1 device.

I’m almost 100% certain that you aren’t allowed to share accounts on the same device, but I guess I’m wrong. Sorry to hear that you got banned 

Im STOP buying pro tickets ! Beacuse cheaters always win 10 or more pro chests

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