"Checkmate" war season conditions

I just took a look at the next war season (“Checkmate”) conditions and one of the 3 conditions is that there are 6 battles… which is the default now.  This condition made sense when the default was 10, but it doesn’t make sense any longer.  Could you swap it out with something different?  Given that one of the other conditions is 200% XP gain, it would be great if the condition was changed to 10 battles :).  

I noticed that too and wasn’t sure what they had planned.  Normally I hate it when they only allow 4 battles.  It doesn’t allow a lot of leniency when you take on someone you probably shouldn’t have ?.  I’m ok going to 10 ( I joined after they made 6 the standard), but not until they fix the ad issue. otherwise us Winders users won’t stand a chance. 

Just fyi it’s called Checkmate not Checkpoint the next war season.

Battles per war were reduced from earlier 10-12 to 6-4 beacuse gamers reported that 12/10 battles per war as a pain with sometime 4 battle fronts. So imho 4-6 is good enough. Champ yourself up if you want more xp. But its too much of a burden for everybody to comply.

If you want to get surprized during war with only 4 battlrs alowed better to raid outside war first with skull gear to be sure of making the cut

with all dragon animations, longer paths, additional towers etc an average raid got much longer than as it was when there were more battles per fief


4-6 is definitely enough nowadays

Anything over 5 raids is a pain. It’s assuming I have nothing else to do with my life other than stay in the game for two hours straight. It’s okay on weekends but wars end around tuesday and that’s well into the working week for most people that aren’t flare.

Well many have good point here. If you take by example 6 raid. If you take 3 min to destroy your opponent. 6 X 3 = 18 min plus the COF and maybe other stuffs like speak on chat and so on… Many can find 15 min short but for the majority here 15 min is too much. So if you bring back 10 fight. Is no more like 15 or 18 min for doing War but more 20-25 minutes plus you must add the fact many alliance have 2 waves,3 waves and 4 waves. So play for 1 hour or 2 hour a day is too much. That its the main reason Flare have drop at 4. Everyone was ok at 4

It’s also the second war in a row that was dependent on the first and second placed boosts from the froster/mummy/garg season.

Boss Froster is useless without dragofroster (as ruthless mummy was useless without surprise mummy), so most alliances will drop it immediately (plus boss froster isn’t that great with the dragon boost as well because the frosters size means they block the path for each other).

No new boosts since necromancer/heal tower update, the alliance wars are really being phoned in at this stage.

For the default, I agree that fewer battles are better.  I’d actually like to see the default go to 3 or 4 as that would create some interesting tactics since there would not be as much room for error.  On offense,  you would really need to make sure your battles count.  On defense, surprise tactics would actually be effective.

However, that’s not the point of this post.  The point is that the current default is 6 battles and yet one of the “special” features for this war season is that the battle count is 6.  This makes no sense and the war condition should be removed from the game or replaced with something else.  I just brought up increasing the battle count as an option for what the war condition could be changed to.  Not all of the war conditions are “good” (e.g. increased cost for champs, etc) but they do change the dynamics of the war season.  

btw - thanks Opelle.  Ya, I misnamed the name of the war season in the post.  Guess I shouldn’t post things before I have my morning coffee. :slight_smile:

But why 10 … If only 3 are counted and more is added from CoF … Again, benefits for those who spend more than enough.

Well even 6 battles is pain. Think of battles with 3-4 fronts, which means 18-24 battles in 24 h…

Best is having 4 max. 

6 is absolutly ok.

4 will be a problem, its not enough.

unlimited raids seems unreal now, but tgere was a time, when it was normal

10 raids was also ok.

but less then 6 will kill this game


but why its 6 in this war conditions, this is the right question

Change war boost and rewarded 

Knight , ogre , monk, wolf , canon , necro

Then see the dedication of players in war.

Also give bonus to winner team.

Per battle fight - 4,6   is good 

When there was 10 fight per battle Then everybody had problem with that


Probably because they recycled an old war and forgot to adjust the reward.

I had no problem with 10 raids.

but 6 is minimum. For VL better to have 3 fights only??

Now it reads 4 battles next war season…

Yep, just saw the notification that it was changed to 4 battles.  I guess it’s just bad luck (for me) as I was really looking forward to the XP boost this event so limiting the battles will lessen the goodness from that.  

*groan* oh, that sucks… what’s this sudden infatuation with them limiting us to four fights it seems like every other war?  I appreciate a good challenge, but that one sucks!  At least they fixed the videos for us Windows users.