Chest video issue


As some of you might have noticed, we currently encounter some issues with the video chests.

This might lead to the rewards not being delivered after watching a video.

We are currently looking into the issue with our provider and are try to get the problem fixed as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding and sorry for the inconvenience.

Your Olympus Rising Team

As an additional information: it`s working well on my Android-phone, on iPhone I only get ever second chest. Both phones are connected over WIFI and having the latest firmware installed each.

Edit: Playing from Austria.

sometimes i geting 2 videos in a row, but dont getting chest, i hope developers after fixing a video problems will send a gifts for players ?.

iphone lithuania - norway wifi 4g

Any updates on this issue? I only got 4-5 chests since the last 5 days (watching 4-5 videos per day).

ID: Zeus0zeuZ



Had this occur a few times in last couple days. Just had another no chest turn up from one of the slots adds.

watched dragon war 

dont get chest

I hope you are going to post an update.  Much as i enjoy watching those ads, i am going to stop until i hear this is corrected.  Has not worked for a week now.


Update - it is currently working 99% of the time for me, good enough thanks. 

yesterday not get chest for War dragons, and today for options

free chest has bugged out on me before… I’m 2 months in…


5 chests in a row bugged out on me

But most recently (today July 3rd 2016)  my first time I tried to start a commercial it just closed the app to my home screen of my phone… The 2nd one I just tried to get I actually watched the commercial… But was never sent a chest…  Any way to resolve this flaregames?




I think the issue has been being solved. I’ve started to get chests back since yesterday after about a week with very few chests. However, I’ve never got any chests watching Mobile Strike. 

True seems to be working better:) last 3 worked including a 10 second one:) Nice work Flare…

The only add that fails to give out rewards is age of fire, and it’s failure rate is 100% with 7/7 attemps.

Using a galaxy j5 andriod v 5.1.1

Nope, still fkd… Waited 4 hrs grinding my teeth to get a chest, only got the shaft…

Its working normal now for me. Always getting reward chests

dont get to watch video at all…?

Kingdoms mobile video. No bonus chest after it.

4th time today. This time bad boy bachelor video

Seems to be working for me now, it can take hours but they have been arriving over the last couple of days


Edit: spoke too soon, last couple have not worked.

Android on S7 edge

Again bachelor video. Same issue.

i have got no chests watching Cookie Jam twice today. Please fix this. Thanks