Chest video issue

Hi, I’ve watched 4 ads videos : Cookie Jam today in a row but not receiving any chests, please fix this asap.


I had same problem just bad boy bouchler video three times today and 5 more in lasr two days. Is it possible to remove this video?

Now taichi panda heroes as well. Video ended no chests.

Now i’m not getting any chests after watching any other videos

2 days now its thaichi panda.

Again. Newcvideo. No chest

Now dungeon rush video. Another day…

Again. Video without chest.

And again taichi panda video 

Lost 2 more bonus chests today - The Walking Dead and Dominations videos. And one yesterday. Very frustrating,

Again today, lost bonus chest for Townships video.


Missed 2 more chests today, don’t remember that adds, because sometimes chests come real slowly. But no show today, happens every now and then



Can you confirm that even after waiting a few minutes and clicking on the “Collect all” button of the Tribute screen, the chest reward is not delivered?

I can confirm it, should i wait a few hours or days just in case?

Still missing out on chests…


Some chests might take longer to be delivered.

Usually when I do not receive the chest instantly, I have to wait a few minutes, and by collecting the resources on the tribute screen for example, the chest is delivered.



Please let me know the following:

  • Which video leads to this issue

  • Do you use Wifi/3g/4g

  • Do you quit the game after watching the video

  • Do you wait until the end of the video, though the exit button is already available.

Thank you for your help.

I am also having trouble receiving the chest and also having trouble watching the videos. During the videos I would get black screen or the video would freeze. I was only successful once to watch a video and get the chest.

Mobile Strike freezes at the end and other videos too.

I use wifi.

I wait till the end of the video. But sometimes it freezes and doesn’t allow me to click the x button.



Again video withou chest

On which OS do you watch the video? Android or iOS?

I noticed on Android, if I try to switch to another app, or just slide down the notification menu a bit for only a few seconds, it might freeze the video.

I then have to switch back to homescreen, then back to the game.

With the mobile strike, I have to wait a few hours sometimes to get the reward, on Android.