Chests disapeared!

After updating today 15/11/2018 I joined the game to check the news, but to my disappointment, I saw that all the chests I had were simply gone. All the chests of the last war I had not opened, disappeared. I lost several items and some features. There were only the cursed chests and the ones I had bought recently(today). This checked on 3 accounts I use, levels 130, 129 and 127. All had the chests “stolen”. Will there be repair on what happened? I await an answer!

Lots of players reporting this. Seems widespread 

The same thing happened to me, it's a great game and great updates but when they do they damage other things



yes, this happend to some players, me too. i reported to the customer support:

Same here - only war chests.

Odyssey ones survived the update, as daily chest, bought one and titan points ones.

Hi guys,

We are sorry that this happened. We are looking into it and I will update you via the official announcements. We are working on fixing it asap! ?