CHIRON Father of the Medical Art

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I want to see some strong and new Ranged units in the game. Especially after the Introduction of Nyxs towers ,Helios light,Increased level cap For defensive units.We really need some good Ranger units in the game.Right now the only unit that can take down A Nyxs tower in Helios light that can not be approached by Spells including Siren or Fist of power is of course Trebuchets but they are slow and of course dies instantly if attacked by Aeetes minotaur or Lapetos Tower.But I really love see Centaurs (as a unit) and Chiron ( as a new hero).They both are renowned Archers as well as known for their Rage,give them Rampage mode or rage mode where they can Switch their weapon for few seconds with Two headed Spear(A two headed spear is simply a long wooden haft with a spear point on each end .A two headed spear form is a constant blur of motion, the spear spinning in constant figure-eight patterns as the practitioner leaps and twists.) or allow them hurl their spear on their enemies as a Javelin.or let them use normal bow and arrow as a ranged weapon.WELL IT SHOULD BRING SOME CHANGES TO THE TROOP SETUP THAT WE ARE USING IN THE GAME NOW.THE GAME DOESN’T HAVE ANY GREAT RANGE UNITS LIKE i HAVE NOT USED HYDRA(EVEN A BLESSED ONE )FOR A RAID EXCEPT TO COMPLETE A QUEST WHERE WE HAVE TO SUMMON 1000 HYDRA TO GET 10 GEMS (I LOSE MANY TIMES WHEN USING A HYDRA DURING RAID BECAUSE THEY DEAL ALMOST NEGLIGIBLE DAMAGE TO STRUCTURES AND BLOCK PATH FOR MY OTHER UNITS AND ALSO ARE LAME BUT YEAH THEY ARE GREAT DEFENSIVE UNITS,SIREN TOO AREN’T GREAT FOR ATTACKING AS DIE QUICKLY AND COST LOT OF POINTS TO SUMMON,NOW ARCHERS YEP ABSOLUTELY ONE OF FAVORITE UNITS IN GAME PERFECT FOR BOTH ATTACKING AND DEFENDING BASE BUT CANNOT APPROACH NYXS TOWER IN HELIOS ALSO DIES QUICKLY IF HIT BY POSIDON TOWER IN HELIOS LIGHT).

Achilles and Chiron. Detail of painting by Gottlieb Schick, 1776-1812.

Well I also want to share some info about Great Chiron

Chiron, in Greek mythology, one of the Centaurs, the son of the Titan Cronus and Philyra, an Oceanid or sea nymph. Chiron lived at the foot of Mount Pelion in Thessaly. Unlike other Centaurs, who were violent and savage, he was famous for his wisdom and knowledge of medicine and of course the most civilized being. Many Greek heroes, including Heracles, Achilles, Jason, and Asclepius, were instructed by him. Chiron frequently appears in the legends of his grandson, Peleus, and his great-grandson, Achilles. Accidentally pierced by a poisoned arrow shot by Heracles, he renounced his immortality in favour of Prometheus and was placed among the stars as the constellation Centaurus.

Chiron’s Disciples

When Achilles’ mother Thetis left home and returned to the NEREIDS, Peleus brought his son Achilles to Chiron, who received him as a disciple, and fed him on the inwards of lions and wild swine, and the marrows of bears.

Actaeon(grandson of Cadmus) who was bred by Chiron to be a hunter, is famous for his terrible death; for he, in the shape of a deer, was devoured by his own dogs. The dogs, ignorant of what they had done, came to the cave of Chiron seeking for their master, and the Centaur fashioned an image of Actaeon in order to sooth their grief.

The MUSES were, according to some, those who taught Aristaeus the arts of healing and of prophecy. Aristaeus discovered honey and the olive. After the death of his son Actaeon he migrated to Sardinia.

The great medicine of Asclepius is based on Chiron’s teaching. Apollo killed Asclepius’ mother Coronis 2 while still pregnant but snatched the child from the pyre, bringing him to Chiron who reared him and taught him the arts of healing and hunting.

Aeson gave his son Jason to the Centaur Chiron to rear at the time when he was deposed by King Pelias 1. Jason is the Captain of the ARGONAUTS.

Medus, who some call Polyxenus 3 and others Medeus, is the man after whom the country Media was called. He was the son of Medea by either Aegeus 1 or by Jason. Medus died in a military campaign against the Indians.

Patroclus’s father left him in Chiron’s cave, to study, side by side with Achilles, the chords of the harp, and learn to hurl spears and mount and ride upon the back of genial Chiron.

Peleus, father of Achilles, was once rescued by Chiron: Acastus, son of Pelias 1, purified Peleusfor having killed (undesignedly) his father-in-law Eurytion 2. However, Acastus’ wife, Astydamia 2, fell in love with Peleus, and as he refused her she intrigued against him, telling Acastus that Peleus had attempted her virtue. Acastus would not kill the man he had purified, but took him to hunt on Mount Pelion and when Peleus had fallen asleep Acastus deserted him, hiding his sword. On arising and looking for his sword, Peleus was caught by the CENTAURS and would have perished, if he had not been saved by Chiron, who also restored him his sword, after having sought and found it. Chiron arranged the marriage of Peleus with Thetis, bringing Achilles up for her. He also told Peleus how to conquer the Nereid Thetis who, changing her form, could prevent him from catching her. But others say that it was Proteus 2 who helped Peleus. When Peleusmarried Thetis, he received from Chiron an ashen spear, which Achilles took to the war at Troy. And as they say, no one among the Achaeans was able to wield that heavy and huge spear. This spear is the same with which Achilles healed Telephus, by scraping off the rust.







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