Chris' Challenge – Your Unique Hero Build

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Hey everyone, here comes a new challenge!

This time it’s all about creativity, individuality and your skills in battle.

Make a video to impress me with your unique Hero build!

Things I would like to know:

  • Who is your chosen Hero?
  • What item stats do you focus on?
  • What combination of Powers do you use?
  • What combination of Units do you use?
  • Show off your playstyle with this Hero!


  • Choose a Hero. You are not allowed to use Zeus or Hades.
  • Start your video by showing your Hero and explain what makes him/her special.
  • You can either use the microphone (while recording the video), add text to your video (by editing it) or write a few sentences (as a comment).
  • Depending on what you focus on, show the Hero’s items, stats or setup.
  • Fight  one battle against a real opponent or against your own defense to prove how good your build is.
  • Post your submission as an answer to this thead and don’t forget to add  your in-game name so I can send you your precious Gems!
  • Deadline for submission of videos or broadcasts is Tuesday 25th October, 12:00 (CET).
  • The video or broadcast must still be online at the time of judging.
  • All entries will be visibile once the deadline has been reached. In the meantime, you will not be able to see other players’ submissions.


  • 1st place – 5000 Gems
  • 2nd place – 2500 Gems
  • 3rd place – 1000 Gems
  • Every other submission following the rules stated above – 500 Gems


  • Creativity : Going full Cooldown Bonus with Pandora’s Box and Bia on Autoplay? Fine by me, just don’t expect to win.
  • Viability : Is your build actually effective? It must make sense and you should be able to beat your opponents.
  • Playstyle : How good are you at playing this Hero? Impress me!

Remember: It’s not about having a cookie cutter build. Try experimenting with things which are not commonly used or considered underpowered. Find synergies. Try to think outside the box.

Please also note that there is no preset build which you have to “find” in order to win. It is entirely subjective which means that I decide who wins based on who I think made the best video.

Good luck!

My Hero is Prometheus and my IGN is Prebster.

i use Spearmen cause they are cheap so it’s easy to put out a few to take focus away from the Hero. I also use Minotaur for its stamina and hard/fast hits.

my Spells are Pyrphoros and  Pandora  best for Barricades/towers and against enemy troops.

link for my video (not my specialty ;-D ):


Hello. My nickname is MrSinner, and this is Jason.
Jason’s a bonus, “Health Regeneration per hit”, plus 4%. Accordingly, I choose items with this option. Restoring the health of every hit is perfect harmony with the skill “Attack Speed”. The more often the hero hit, the faster his health will recover and the more difficult it will be to kill him.

In support of his words I made a video. As you can see - Jason alone was able to defeat the enemy, it does not use any prayers. He simply immortal :slight_smile:

What kind of prayer I choose? Jason hero pretty quick hero. So my choice is prayer Pirfosa (fire, the ability of Prometheus) and Spindle. Pirfos has a very high damage and acts for a long time, thus it is inexpensive. Spindle often helps when there is little time. I use the spindle before the gates of the enemy, which gives the opportunity to win in the last seconds.

What kind of magic I use? As the second magic I chose a Pandora’s box, because she does big damage. Also good magic Sirens, it is particularly effective against the sirens with buff, because it does not allow them to use their cry

At the end also received a gold ring. WOOOOOOOOW


Sincerely, MrSinner , TOP5 alliance of the world “Щит и меч”.

Ign is desdemooona 

Please update my jason so he isnt such a cowherd :grinning:

thx chris!!!


Achilles build

in game name: Orfeous

I have crabz

alliance Worlds End

My Helen build…

This build requires a lot of cool down,  Good timing,   correct units , and more…   I talked in video so it made it even harder… but here is idea


  1. Have to test for correct cool down amount. This is major part of this set up.   You Helen cool down must be back up every other wave.  Also Pandora box must be up every other way. Objective is to Control first wave.  As soon as you get to 2nd wave use Pandora to kill both waves. As first wave is now turning back.   Then control 3rd wave… keep repeating till end.  Note you cant do this on auto… takes skill :wink:  

  2. Must use minos and spear men…  if for some reason one turns back and not near Pandora’s box , all the mass units of spearmen make quick work of any unit stuck between 50 of them.  Minos are needed to help break walls and towers while your controlling Helen

  3. I also take a lot of fire damage resist as laptos towers can kill her pretty quick with out it.

  4. I take petrify , helps with any units that you don’t control with spell. killing them quick.

  5. To show how good this works, I attacked a person higher level then me that had full buffs.  No easy target here, yet Helen makes it look easy as the stacks of monsters pile up.

edit adding video…

My strategy has always been simple: keep your warriors alive. As you can see my gear is not impressive at all, so my victories really boil down to keeping my units alive. So what I end up doing is using medusas for their petrify ability to keep my warriors alive. Also I take Okeanos to slow down enemy waves, take out archers, etc., as well as for taking out Prometheus towers and whatever the other fire tower is called that I forget what it’s name is. I also take Asclepius to further help with keeping my warrior army alive. While it may not be the most popular strategy, it works for me and I use it with every hero.

Ign: NovaSmasher


Attack of my unique hero by King RAWANA from GREEK ARMY Alliance. 

Chosen hero : Ariadne

What makes the hero special:

She has a super power of attacking than other heroes because she can spawn the troops in the middle of the battlefield  and it increases the attacking power.

Ariadne’s Spindle creates a magical portal that serves as a shortcut for the reinforcements.

Level 14 of Asclepius creates a quick and powerful regeneration of Ariadne.

Moreover, the power of Pandora’s Box always leaves a high level of poison attacks on the battlefield which makes enemies weak. 

(Details about the level of powers, equipment and troops are shown in the the beginning of the the video) 

Thank you. ?


The Ultimate Battle Of Thunders - Like Father Like Son Style

-Hero : Achilles - HalfBlood Son Of Mighty Zeus, Whose Weapon is Thunder Bolt.

-Item Stats : Stun ( and Pertrify )

-Skills Used in Videos :STyx- Okeanos - Asclepius -Siren ( And Maybe Chronos of Zeus). The reason I choose Okeanos and Siren ( which is level 1 ) is for echancement of Stun and Pertrify effects.Chronos creat an Imagine of Zeus in battle . Those skill also my worse skills, have upgrade a fewtime.

-Troops : Only Archer and Medusa were Summoned in this battle. Archer was blessed with minimum level - just to have lighting effect. And of course - Medusa for Pertrify.No Minotaur joined the Battle.This is to show the power of My Achilles with his items.

-This battle was on manual 100% of the time.I tried to creat a Mighty Zeus’s Style , which I believed most of our Olympians here had experienced from Captain Morgan’s challenge ( maybe some of us were haunted by that challenge ).

As you all can see from the Preparation phase.I choose a normal sword instead of  Godlike one , it reduced achilles’s damage yet increase the stun chance alot. Siren instead of Bia and Okeanos instead of Pandora.My Archer was only level 20 not yet max and blessed at minimum .Only Medusa was Max ( wish i could change this).Despite all of those , Achilles still can lead the troops through all defense of mine( its not max defense but I Belived its strong ) .

Whats annoyed you all the most in every battle? For me , thats the passive’s skill of Hydra , Griffin , siren , Minotaur and this battle, with the stun chance up to ~ 40% and 5% of Perify , My Achilles was almost destroy those troops before they can cast their’s Passive skill ,Just like Zeus does everytime he engage a battle, Leave the enemy dying in stunning state . I love watching those Griffin Takeoff and Never had a chance to Land on my troops.Stunning , Stunning all the batte. Thunders are everywhere. Whenver my Achilles goes - Zeus be with him . Several times , he almost run out of Blood but never give up on Fighting , leading his week troops through every single obstacle , all kinds of enemy with confidence - to the very last second. And Finished the battle with ultimate style of a GOD.


PS : I Love the vivid effect of STUN.


Ingame Name : VietGang


Nickname: Evil_Ganja 

In game name: tsipraros

Everything that we needed to show i couldn’t record them with my voice so in the middle of the screen on your right there is the button when you press it the comments appear!!! Thanks for the challenge!!


George6… here is My video I have the perfect balance of items for My Achilles, the sword and wristwrap is stun. i dont think you need alot of regeneration, cooldown and hit on life items.

I have 75% on fire and poison resistance, fire resistance is really importend because of the lapetos tower which is deadly dangerous. You Will se all the items i use on him. the balance of resistance i equiped him with makes him undead.

i use bia, Pandora and okeanos bia is for speed and power pandora is for charon tower and troops okeanos is for lapetos and Apollo towers

i use minotaur, medusa and siren  i use only 1 medusa which helps minotaur half the way, and i use 8 minotaur. last i use siren because she is fast and it dont take long for her to join the war. That way i Always have troops gathered. It almost sink together like fine music?

I use achilles to make way for the troops. Lapotes, Poseidon and Apollo must go down fast because they kill minotaur very quickly. Sence ive been using Achilles in this combo i Always come out winning i choosed the nr 1 in My clan to beat! hope you enjoy it ?


In game name: derbedeus

My favorite hero is Perseus and I think what makes him special is his ability to have 3 special powers including the medusa. For Perseus, I like his speed and I look for items that enhance his cool down, and his attack speed. In this video , I use Minotaur and trebuchet and pandora and heal. I also was playing around with removing heal and using sirens instead of trebuchet  I think that works when you need only light heals but rougher if you need more than that  

It’s my first time loading the video so I hope it works!


my best hero in automatic mode: Achilles

nombre en juego Gilrael

What stats do you focus on?

Jason’s innate stats are pretty good with 49% health, 88% damage, 20% speed, 98% leadership and the most powerful one is 4% Life on hit.



So based on these innate stats, i decided to focus on the Life on Hit which allows hero to regain hit points per hit, how much a hero can regain hit points depending on how good the items are. My hero can regain 6,084 hit points per hit, this helps him always lead the battles and take damage from the troops and towers, since he rarely needs to run back to regenerate health. It can be seen from the video at 2:15 to 2:25 how quickly he can regain health. Also, the hero is equipped with Attack Speed item, so that he can attack faster which mean he can regain more hit points (121% attack speed)



What combinations of Powers do you use?

Since Jason only has one extra slot, I chose Pandora over other Powers as it can quickly kill a group of enemy troops and Charon towers. The reason the hero isn’t equipped with Cooldown item because he only has two Power slots, so Cooldown items won’t help much

What combinations of Units do you use?

Medusa, Trebuchets and Minotaurs. Medusa is deadly when is paired with high damage units especially Minotaurs and Trebuchets. Minotaurs are short range units which help fight against enemy units as well as protect Medusa and heroes. Trebuchets are long range unit which can shoot from the other side of the road, and easily destroy barricades and towers before the troops come as can be seen in the video (starting at 1:38).

Show off your playstyle (please watch video)

From my experience, being able to use defense mode is a must to win against full blessing islands. Switching defense mod on and off prevents troops being killed from enemy troops and high damage towers.

Switching Autoplay on and off will speed up/ save the time as it spawns troops very quicklyand the hero will find shortest path to move ahead. If the hero doen’t attack wanted targets, switch it off and target manually then turn it on, ez.



My in-game name is Inconsueto.

My favourite hero is Prometheus and I like his power in attack and due to the few time needed to recharge his Pyrphorus Power I can have a frequent extra power to attack and shield my hero and troups by fire.

I really like items that boost speed in attack and recharge for all the Powers. With this hero I use Asclepius and sometimes Bia!

Form my troups I think that a combination of Minotaur, Medusa and Archers to hit from longer distance is the best with the blessing activated!

IGN: AwesomeDoud

This is the story of Cadmus, the invincible beast tamer.

Because he lives in the wild, he is accompanied by beasts: his griffons and his hydras.

Because he doesn’t like them to be harmed, he comes with healing sirens too.

And because he likes to use his dragon tooth power to destroy building, he brings trebuchets that are only summoned through his dragon tooth power.

He doesn’t like to fight much himself. That’s why he’s got no offensive spells. He’s all about encouraging his beasts and healing them instead.

For the same reason, he’s fitted with gear that brings him a well-spread resistance to poison, thunder and frost, but mainly to heal himself and increase its regeneration.

As you can see, he’s getting attacked a lot but doesn’t suffer that much.


For his raids, his strategy is simple:

  • He’s calling alternatively Hydras and Griffons / with a few healing sirens in between.

  • He’s summoning trebuchets with his power, trying to focus the attacking force forward

  • He’s mainly busy healing and boosting his friends. He usually uses his sword to take care of enemy sirens and to heal himself.


The result is a very strong attacking crew (lots of HP + healing) but very slow too. A build that would probably finds its limits to other types of defense, but it’s still good enough to kill a heavy boosted base 8 lvls higher than me. :grinning:  

ingame cmilliorn

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