Christmas Event: Discussion



Here you can discuss about the Christmas event, and ask your questions :slight_smile:

As you said in the topic

This is what happen after i click the link

Is this normal ?



Sorry, it is fixed now.

The idea is nice, love forum events. However it would be nicer if Flare could introduce such mini events directly in game, only for special occasions. Imagine how cool it would be if each player had its own Advent calendar in game with daily rewards. Dreams … :slight_smile: Unfortunately, Flare is too stingy with creating new content, even small ones.

Look like i went to sleep before it fixed , now it already closed . Haizzzz , i never have luck with random event .

What about number raffle again but with bigger reward ?

Aether could you elaborate a bit on the latest event please?

We need to locate the post. Ok. If we manage to do so, should we at the end send the title of the discussion, or the link to the post?



Once you will have all the pictures (or when you think you are done with looking for them), you will just have to answer to my topic with the link of the posts.

Bad luck for Opelle… because it concerns moderators posts, all moderators are excluded from this contest… wouldn’t be fare otherwise…


hahaha (eliminating competition, making my chances grow…)

Congrats Micky and LS !!! :slight_smile:



He can participate too, as he doesn’t know which post I edited either :stuck_out_tongue:

ahhh… you re too good to be true Aerther


but he can find them easier because his personal profile page bundles his posts… lol


(nothing personal : just eliminating competition  :-)  )




You can see exactly the same as he does, he doesn’t see more things :grinning:

You can do the same thing also for your personal profile page and you can check other profile and topics of other people too even if you are not a moderator: you need only to go to profile of a person than go to Topics section, then you click on the button “Find Content” and you can see all topics where that person write its answer. Nothing difficult.

Darn… I failed miserably in eliminating people…


now I even gave a hint to other competition how they can easy find  everything…



Next time I ll just send my ogre over to club competition down…  :wink:


May the force (of the blacksmith) be with you Opelle

This is a easy event ,only cost time . Probadly it going to be a tie and the winner going to be decide by random again . I not good with random stuff or have time so i not gonna play . Good luck and have fun everyone ^^

edit: deleted

The winner atlast of the event shouldn’t be decided randomly, I am never lucky :stuck_out_tongue:

I am a bit confused to understand the second week Christmas event.Mainly the thing " link " i cannot understand what kind of link is it used in the meaning of " clue " or link to a page or something else which I am unable to understand. I will be deeply obliged if someone helps me to understand what to do with the reffered posts mentioned each day in my above mentioned event. Thank u  :slight_smile: